KS-23 Susan Cote’, modern Pagan and practicing Pharmakeute talks to us about her craft – TheXFactory.com Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

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I am a practicing Pharmakeute and initiate in the Ash, Birch, and Willow tradition. I hand-make each and every one of my products within a sacred space and with ritual energy, giving loving attention to detail with 100% Certified Organic/Free-Trade/ and or wildcrafted herbs from my own gardens and/or other completely reputable sources. Most of my products were created out of a personal need for something particular, and everything else is inspired by requests from friends and family. LINKS:  01   02  – DATE: 2018-03-18

Digital Impulse by Edit/Erase [Features – Creatives – Musicians – Bands]


KS-22 Dan Cross, Game Designer, Musician, Writer and Artist – TheXFactory.com Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

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Dan Cross wrote the Eldritch RPG and is a founding member of AlpharhythM. LINKS:  01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   10   11  – DATE: 2018-03-11
I Got Nothin’ CD from AlpharhythM Gift for Donations Over $20

Nothing (featuring Cat Hall of Dissonance) by AlpharhythM [Features – Creatives – Musicians – Bands]

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“Brainflower” by Lauren Curtis Art [Features – Creatives – Visual Arts]

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Brainflower by Lauren Curtis Art [Features – Creatives – Visual Arts]