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Coming This Fall (2015 PROMO)

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 News / Updates

Artwork Up Front As Our Website's Background:

We're seriously requesting that visual artist types (photographers, painters, etc.) submit their work to be the background(s) on our website. We think that it would be a very good way to help promote artists and their work. If you look at the upper right hand side of our site you'll see a group of links which implements this on our site in a non invasive way which will give proper credit to the artist(s). Contact us here and read "Display of Artists Artwork on Our Website Background" under "Main Site Promotion for more information.

BETA Creative Community:

We are in the process of tweaking the revived version of our creative community. As a note, our Creative Community will have many ethical hoops to go through even after all testing is complete. We are looking for very particular types of members in order to maximize our efforts to actually help get people to where they would like to be. Having said that, we are currently only looking to have one or two active members to work within this BETA stage of testing. As a result, registration will not be allowed until BETA stage has come to it's end.

 Gift Donation Drive Page
The Gift Donation Drive page for "Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia" is finally complete! Click above link to make your donations to own mission and receive this great game as a gift.

 General Donations
Help Keep Our Network/Resource Growing
We are very close to meeting our Annual Donation Goal for this year. Click above link for details.

  Cultivated Projects... & Donation Drive
We are still accepting on going dontions to keep this and other future projects in development.

DJversion666 is an Industrial/Metal musician/band who's website we helped to launch by having a donation drive between the months of September and October of 2015. We currenly host the band's domain; and, our server space is home to the band's website. We are also the band's website development and maintenance team.

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Alisandra Wederich
2011-07-30 - Interview at BlaXaturdays at Ulana's


Veronica DeWitt
2011-07-30 - Interview at BlaXaturdays at Ulana's

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Coming This Fall (2015 PROMO)

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