Our mis­sion is to help col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly curate Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, & Do It Togeth­er endeav­ors. Our goal is to help pro­vide con­nec­tiv­i­ty, pro­mo­tion, and avail­able resources for the Cre­ative, DIY (do it your­self), DIT (do it togeth­er), & Small Busi­ness communities.

We pri­mar­i­ly cater to focused DIY (do it your­self), DIT (do it togeth­er), and/or Cre­ative (musi­cians, artists, per­form­ers, etc) types. We offer some resources here for free, some require pay­ment, some sug­gest dona­tions in exchange for sup­port and resource con­sump­tion, and gen­er­al dona­tions are always great­ly appre­ci­at­ed. In the end, we’d sim­ply like to inspire, help, and do our part in a DIY, DIT, and Cre­ative way via whichev­er meth­ods are made avail­able to us at any giv­en time.

TheXFactory.com :: Cre­ative Net­work is based in the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca. We are a cre­ative out­let for DIY (do it your­self), DIT (do it togeth­er), Cre­ative types (musi­cians, artists, etc), and Small Businesses. 


We feel that large indus­try has been caus­ing more prob­lems than it has been solv­ing as of late. One of the larg­er ideas behind TheXFactory.com is to help peo­ple grow in to what they need to be in order to embark on their endeav­ors via gen­er­al con­ver­sa­tions, con­cept cura­tion, site build­ing, and men­tor­ing. There­after they may move on to do big­ger and bet­ter things if they choose to do so.

Every once in a great while some­one has an idea which requires them to “become a part of TheXFactory.com” for an extend­ed and seem­ing­ly per­ma­nent length of time. How­ev­er, giv­en our under­stand­ing of how things work with­in the cur­rent social eco­nom­ic infra­struc­ture, we’ve come to the under­stand that peo­ple will feel the need to move on. So while this seems like a per­ma­nent move, regard­less of it’s seem­ing­ly fixed posi­tion with us, it should act as a very well intend­ed tran­si­tion­al crutch to get peo­ple to where they need to be;

When the peo­ple who we help are ready to “leave the nest” and go it on their own, we humbly request they donate reg­u­lar­ly HERE toward our mis­sion so that we may con­tin­ue to help more peo­ple in this way or donate HERE if they’d like to receive ser­vices for their long term sup­port of our lit­tle endeavor.

What we are attempt­ing to do is break the chain of cor­po­ratism and drain it of the cap­i­tal­ist influ­ence on the world by increas­ing the depen­den­cy on small busi­ness­es, indi­vid­u­als, and cre­ative types. Thus fos­ter­ing mul­ti­ple col­lab­o­ra­tive pock­ets of actu­al peo­ple work­ing togeth­er. This is basi­cal­ly you and your poten­tial tal­ents cou­pled with an under­stand­ing of the respon­si­bil­i­ty that is required to build and main­tain your­self as a small busi­ness, cre­ative type, and/or small organization.

So basi­cal­ly the idea is that one per­son, group, or busi­ness should­n’t be able to pro­vide ser­vices for every­one in the world or even an entire city. We believe that the con­stant presents of you and your fam­i­ly owned what-have-you help to stall monop­o­lies which take pow­er away from you an your com­mu­ni­ties. Hope­ful­ly our efforts will help to con­tribute to peo­ple com­mu­ni­cat­ing, work­ing with each oth­er, and even teach­ing each oth­er with­out need­ing to be com­pet­i­tive, because the idea of “MORE” and “EXCESS” is being hope­ful­ly sup­pressed by your con­stant occu­pa­tion with build­ing and main­tain­ing your com­mu­ni­ties. Large cor­po­ra­tions are depen­dent on the need for excess, “more”, and exploita­tion in some way shape or form. An ide­al sit­u­a­tion would be to have a ton of “mom and pop” type of stores to choose from where each busi­ness can only han­dle only so many cus­tomers. This would encour­age you to sup­port the remain­ing stores which can give you what you are look­ing for. This works even if each place is sell­ing the exact same prod­ucts. Addi­tion­al­ly, it may actu­al­ly be in the best inter­est of busi­ness­es to share their knowl­edge about how to best serve cus­tomers with­out feel­ing the need to be com­pet­i­tive and in some instances lit­er­al­ly telling their cus­tomers to go to oth­er local stores when they are all filled up for the day, month, year, etc. This applies on-line, off-line, with small busi­ness­es, with cre­ative types, and with orga­ni­za­tions. This is our effort to live in a world of with­out monop­o­lies and aggres­sive­ly com­pet­i­tive behavior.

And most impor­tant­ly behav­ing this way will help peo­ple see the val­ue of tak­ing the time to NOT have to go to Wal­mart, Face­book, Google, etc for every­thing sin­gle thing all of the time as going to these places under­mines your local busi­ness­es as impor­tant resources. These resources include you, your fam­i­ly, etc. Cor­po­rate log­ic is a real­ly large rea­son why you find it so hard to actu­al­ly direct­ly sell things which you make your­self direct­ly to peo­ple with­out hav­ing to sub­mit these items to “some oth­er larg­er more pop­u­lar idea/corporation”. It’s a way of tak­ing the trust away from you, you fam­i­ly, and com­mu­ni­ty by giv­ing it to a larg­er enti­ty. It teach­es people(potential cus­tomers) to be unable to fig­ure out who and how to trust. Large cor­po­ra­tions even­tu­al­ly force every­one in any area to work for them — which to us trans­lates in to a form a unwit­ting slav­ery in the end. Always remem­ber, there is a rea­son why you can’t sell what you make, cre­ate, build, or own. Odds are there are cor­po­rate inter­ests behind mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for you to do so. Our goal is to make peo­ple aware of this while push­ing through and adapt­ing to these obstacles.


[Tan­genT D. Noir] 
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