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Our mission is to help collaboratively curate Creative, Do It Yourself, & Do It Together endeavors. Our goal is to help provide connectivity, promotion, and available resources for the Creative, DIY (do it yourself), and DIT (do it together) communities.

We primarily cater to focused DIY (do it yourself), DIT (do it together), and/or Creative (musicians, artists, performers, etc) types. We offer some resources here for free, some require payment, some suggest donations in exchange for support and resource consumption, and general donations are always greatly appreciated. In the end, we’d simply like to inspire, help, and do our part in a DIY, DIT, and Creative way via whichever methods are made available to us at any given time.

TheXFactory.com :: Creative Network is based in the United States of America. We are a creative outlet for DIY (do it yourself), DIT (do it together), Creative types (musicians, artists, etc), and Small Businesses.


We feel that large industry has been causing more problems than it has been solving as of late. One of the larger ideas behind TheXFactory.com is to help people grow in to what they need to be in order to embark on their endeavors via general conversations, concept curation, site building, and mentoring. Thereafter they may move on to do bigger and better things if they choose to do so.

Every once in a great while someone has an idea which requires them to “become a part of TheXFactory.com” for an extended and seemingly permanent length of time. However, given our understanding of how things work within the current social economic infrastructure, we’ve come to the understand that people will feel the need to move on. So while this seems like a permanent move, regardless of it’s seemingly fixed position with us, it should act as a very well intended transitional crutch to get people to where they need to be;

When the people who we help are ready to “leave the nest” and go it on their own, we humbly request they donate regularly HERE toward our mission so that we may continue to help more people in this way or signup for our Collaborative Email Plus+ if they’d like to receive services for their long term support of our little endeavor.

What we are attempting to do is break the chain of corporatism and drain it of the capitalist influence on the world by increasing the dependency on small businesses, individuals, and creative types. Thus fostering multiple collaborative pockets of actual people working together. This is basically you and your potential talents coupled with an understanding of the responsibility that is required to build and maintain yourself as a small business, creative type, and/or small organization.

So basically the idea is that one person, group, or business shouldn’t be able to provide services for everyone in the world or even an entire city. We believe that the constant presents of you and your family owned what-have-you help to stall monopolies which take power away from you an your communities. Hopefully our efforts will help to contribute to people communicating, working with each other, and even teaching each other without needing to be competitive, because the idea of “MORE” and “EXCESS” is being hopefully suppressed by your constant occupation with building and maintaining your communities. Large corporations are dependent on the need for excess, “more”, and exploitation in some way shape or form. An ideal situation would be to have a ton of mom and type of stores to choose from where each business can only handle so many customers. This would encourage you to support the remaining stores which can give you what you are looking for. This works even if each place is selling the exact same products. Additionally, it may actually be in the best interest of businesses to share their knowledge about how to best serve customers without feeling the need to be competitive and in some instances literally tell their customers to go to other local stores when they are all filled up for the day, month, year, etc. This applies on-line, off-line, with small businesses, with creative types, and with organizations. This is our effort to live in a world of without monopolies and aggressively competitive behavior.

And most importantly will help people see the value of taking the time to NOT have to go to Walmart, Facebook, Google, etc for everything single thing all of the time as going to these places undermines your local businesses as important resources. These resources include you, your family, etc. Corporate logic is a really large reason why you find it so hard to actually directly sell things which you make yourself directly to people without having to submit these items to “some other larger more popular idea“. It’s a way of taking the trust away from you, you family, and community by giving it to a larger entity. It teaches people(potential customers) to be unable to figure out who and how to trust. Large corporations eventually force everyone in any area to work for them – which to us translates in to a form a unwitting slavery in the end. Always remember, there is a reason why you can’t sell what you make, create, build, or own. Odds are there are corporate interests behind making it difficult for you to do so. Our goal is to make people aware of this while pushing through and adapting to these obstacles.


[TangenT D. Noir] 
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Each resource is designed to be used separately in order to provide you with the option NOT to opt in to services that you don’t need or want. You will also find that many of our resources DO NOT require you to login to any thing in order to use them (Open Promoiton Resources).