Primary Reasons for this Creative Community

  • A collective work space for to curate Internet based projects hosted & developed within our webspace & sub sites.
  • Our Creative Community is based around our members creating groups to discuss, work on, and/or curate Do It Yourself, Do It Together, and Creative projects and ideas. We are ALSO a relatively small community of people who offer our talents to support each other in whatever ways that apply. All members should be here for the aforementioned reasons or at the very least be moving in this direction.

Important parts about the culture of our Creative Community

  • We’re all here to help each other develop projects & ideas
  • Focus on the development of your group(s) instead of the activity feed
  • Focus on cultivating your projects or projects with others through Group Projects and Wiki/docs
  • We welcome your talent, NOT the posting & reading of unproductive content
  • Consider this site your project work space with and not a place for mindless posting

What this Creative Community is NOT

  • This is NOT Facebook:
    So our activity feeds intentionally do not support a lot of dynamic posting and sharing features. If you have content which you’d like to share in this way please login to our Social Spaces accounts here. This is our best space for Facebook like activities.
  • This is NOT a “social network”;
    HOWEVER, it is a creative community with a few social networking tools to help increase the productivity of Group Projects.
  • This is NOT a place to collect friends without a clear objective regarding projects:
    The Group Projects are the main focus here not the activity feed. The activity is an easier way to catch up on the status of Group Projects, Wiki/Docs, main site posts, sub site blog posts, and general profile updates.
  • This is NOT a place to make your profile look pretty:
    If you want to make something look pretty, create a Group Project and get to working on a Group Blog Project.
  • This is NOT a perfect website:
     We use it mostly for the productivity of other more perfect websites and projects and not the aesthetic perfection of this one.

Notes on Group Blog Site Directory

  • Blog sites created via “Group Projects”. The only way to create a blog site is through creating a “Group Project”. Doing so gives you control over who sees your project updates. Also, you may add administrators via your blog site dashboard to help further cultivate ideas.

Notes on Wiki/Docs & Directory

  • Non group project based documents. These allow you to create one document at a time without having to create group project. You may allow just ALL logged-in users to work with you in building things like lists/agendas/concepts/etc or allow just yourself the ability to edit
  • These pages may also be used to create general information pages viewable by the entire Internet. Topics may range from simple reviews to in depth studies, papers, or documents. The only requirement is that these items not be harmful and that they have serious content requiring actual research, options, etc.


[TangenT D. Noir] [TangenT] [T.T] :: Creative Network, Resource, & Community
[Plot your own course. Honor your creative abilities, Do it yourself, damnit!]

A short story of the original purpose of this creative community
Well… The owner of this website (TangenT D. Noir) was finding the linear thinking process of messaging systems a little inefficient. Especially when it came to things like check lists and tracking answers to questions along the same timeline as the completion of a project. So the idea of using Wiki/Docs and forums side by side came to mind. This combination is perfect for when a question comes out of nowhere; but, you want to stay on track. If you combine these ideas with Wiki/Docs with file uploading abilities, a blog which has all of benefits of a basic website including multiple file type uploading, and the ability for any number of members to join and use all of these resources in one Group Project then you have a very effective way to remotely and systematically complete projects smoothly. After that he just decided to use this Creative Community for all of his projects. That’s it – really. 🙂

Group Projects & Directory (Setup Guide Lines)
It all starts with creating a “Group Project”. Create & manage your Do It Yourself, Do It Together, and Creative “Group Project” with the option of adding, one “Blog Site”, one “Forum”, and/or multiple “Documents” per group. Invite your friends and keep them engaged with group announcements.

The sky is the limit. All you need is a little focus to build the “Group Projects” that you create and the desire to engage in the “Group Projects” which others create. As a member, you are strongly encouraged to base your actions here around creating any number of focused “Group Projects”. This may include anything from simply discussing topics which interest you personally to building your own web blog/website. Each “Group Project” includes the ability to manage and administer a single “Blog Site”, a single “Forum”, and any number of “WIKI Docs” which may be optionally edited by only you or all members of your “Group Project”. If you choose, you may create a “Group Project” with or without inviting additional members; however, you may find that it’s much more interesting and beneficial to cultivate small groups of people per “Group Project”.

After setting up a group, You’ll want to start inviting people to interact with your group using the “send invite” option with each group. Also click the “Sitewide Activity” link to check up on our community’s networkwide activities. From here, you may favorite, and comment on status updates and even post your own updates from the “Sitewide Activity” link or from your own profile(upper right hand corner).

A collective work space for to curate Internet based projects hosted & developed within our webspace & sub sites
[COMING SOON: This feature will not launch until our Annual Donation Drive goal is met]