#DJversion666, #TheX­Fac­to­rycom Site Offi­cial­ly Launched On Octo­ber 31st, 2015 is still accept­ing on-going dona­tions to keep this and oth­er projects in devel­op­ment. Each year after it’s launch DJVersion666 will have a dona­tion dri­ve at this page in order to insure that remains acces­si­ble via the Inter­net. The web­site has been launched and will stay active for years to come thanks to CONTRIBUTIONS made by DONORS like YOU.

Your dona­tions will help to pay for the fol­low­ing sup­port from;

  • Annu­al domain name host­ing and re-direc­tion (ON-GOING)
  • Basic sup­port team coor­di­na­tion (ON-GOING)
  • Project relat­ed dona­tion dri­ves (ON-GOING)
  • Basic project men­tor­ing (ON-GOING)
  • Ini­tial domain host­ing (DONE)
  • Web­site host­ing (DONE)
  • Web­site visu­al lay­out (DONE)
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ABOUT DJversion666

DJversion666 is a very tal­ent­ed up com­ing post-indus­tri­al musician/band from the U.S.A. sim­ply look­ing to make his home and community.

DJversion666 would love your sup­port in the future. Con­tin­ued dona­tions to will help to secure future domain and web host­ing for years to come along with :: Cre­ative Network’s sup­port of oth­er Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, & Do It Togeth­er endeav­ors like this one. 
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