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 Pre­lude MULTIMEDIA Release [Pro­Du­Gi CD‑R gift] from DJversion666 for Dona­tions over $35 (Unlim­it­ed avail­able / US ONLY) 
Avail­able: Unlim­it­ed MULTIMEDIA CD-Rs. CD‑R con­tains Full “Pre­lude” 12 track album (MP3 for­mat), 6 Song Remix­es (MP3 for­mat), 4 Unpub­lished Instru­men­tals Songs (MP3 for­mat), 3 Cov­er songs (MP3 for­mat), 4 Videos (MP4 for­mat), and 156 Photos.
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The Pro­Du­Gi Col­lab­o­ra­tive Project is an idea cre­at­ed by to help sup­port cre­atives and the work that they do by help­ing to bring unique CD‑R Projects to life here at

Hav­ing said that, this mul­ti­me­dia CD‑R com­bines the tal­ents of a musi­cian (DJversion666), a graph­ic design­er (Exemia), and a web devel­op­er ( These three worked togeth­er to cre­ate a sim­ple and unique mul­ti­me­dia expe­ri­ence of DJversions666’s music. Your gen­er­ous dona­tions are very impor­tant and will be split in the fol­low­ing ways to help these three enti­ties con­tin­ue with their endeavors.

  • 33% goes to musi­cian (DJversion666)
  • 33% goes to graph­ic artist (Exemia)
  • 33% goes to
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ABOUT DJversion666
Bri­an Stew­art is the cre­ative pow­er behind DJversion666, com­pos­ing indus­tri­al music of var­i­ous sub-gen­res rang­ing from goth to indus­tri­al met­al and every­thing in between. He also has dee­jayed at var­i­ous venues, rang­ing from gentlemen’s clubs in the State of New Jer­sey, to indus­tri­al dance clubs such as Mojo 13′s, Asy­lum 13, Sol­id State in Wilm­ing­ton Delaware, and Cham­p’s Bar in Tren­ton New Jersey.

He con­tin­ues to work with incred­i­bly tal­ent­ed indi­vid­u­als, includ­ing the man behind the project, Exemia, whose list of accom­plish­ments are far to large to sum­ma­rize on one internet.

His pre­miere album, Pre­lude, is his way of kick­ing down the doors of the music indus­try to let every­one know he’s arrived.

sev­er­al musi­cal styles all tied into a dark, indus­tri­al sound

Band Mem­bers
Bri­an Stew­art aka DJver­sion666- Key­boards, Bass, Vocals, Beat­mix­ing, Sac­ri­lege, Lolz (on the album- vocals and occa­sion­al bass, live)

Nathan Brod­sky – (live at qxt’s, and on the Can You Feel The Beat Nachtmahr cover)

Brick Town­ship, NJ

Record Label
dark­Tunes Records

Short Descrip­tion
I am a for­mer, stud­ied musi­cian who now sculpts sounds using an old Kurzweil K2000, a Fend­er Jazz fret­less bass, some effects, and a pecu­liar imagination.

Long Descrip­tion
This page shares infor­ma­tion about the lat­est orig­i­nal music and dj mix­es (of oth­er indus­tri­al artists) for your lis­ten­ing pleasure.

DJversion666 was orig­i­nal­ly a moniker used to poke fun at the ridicu­lous names DJs call them­selves (DJversion666 is a dj, as well as a musi­cian, after all). A few years ago, he start­ed releas­ing his old­er, orig­i­nal works onto var­i­ous media out­lets which spawned a desire to write new­er music. His love for the indus­tri­al sound is appar­ent in his cre­ations. What start­ed out as an out­let for the nois­es in his head, became a life of its own. Now, it sits and waits to pounce on every note that is fed into it. DJversion666 is a slave to his own creations.

Per­son­al Interests
I’m a com­put­er junkie and a tech­no-whore. The first step is admit­ting it. I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Artists We Also Like
(in no par­tic­u­lar order)
Pan­ic Lift
Drown­ing Susan
(and the list goes on)
(in no par­tic­u­lar order)
Nine Inch Nails
J.S. Bach
Sis­ter Machine Gun
Gus­tav Holst
Grav­i­ty Kills
Count Basie
Stab­bing Westward
Ste­vie Ray Vaughan
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
The Damned
Aphex Twin
(and the list goes on)

Band Inter­ests
gig­gling like a school­boy at reli­gion in any fash­ion, fart humor, porn, com­put­ers, art in its var­i­ous forms, cre­ative­ly fan­ta­siz­ing about ways in which Rush Lim­baugh unwinds, demon­ic wor­ship (rawr), friends and fam­i­ly time, throw­ing untruths into a mix of humor­ous lists that also hap­pen to con­tain a truth or two