In an effort to encourage people to promote/create more of there own original content, products, and services, we are accepting submissions to our little search engine for review. No login or account is required. Simply read the instructions and fill out the short for below.

The Your Name, Your URL, and Your Email fields should all relate to your business, band, group, or project. Thus stearing away from using any personal information to communicate with us. If you must, the only exception may be your email address which we do not make public. All other information will be displayed publicly on our site and made available to the entire global Internet. So please be mindful of this. The details box may contain text only character.

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Additionally, this Video, audio, or on-line media URL field may be anything from a YouTube video link which you own to a direct link to an image, DOC, or PDF file which you own as long as it's already on-line.

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