Web Hosting for Creative, Do It Yourself(DIY), and Do It Together(DIT) Communities

We offer domain name hosting with a little optional promotional support. Payments are made via donations.

Here are the services that we offer;

  • Domain hosting(YourName.com) with url Forwarding to a WordPress subsite at TheXFactory.com(TheXactory.com/YourName)
  • Domain hosting(YourName.com) with url Forwarding to any website of your choosing.

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   IMPORTANT: Before We Work on anything…

You may want to tell us why you think that using our services will help you. Contact us via TangenT D. Noir directly on FACEBOOK HERE via message; and, tell us what you do, why you do it, and why you think we’d be a good fit for you. If we think that you don’t need our services, we will assume that you can find everything that you need for free or cheaper else where on the Internet. We have evolved beyond the point of begging JUST TO SELL what we offer; because, we’d like to be an active part of your support team on-line as well as having you be ours.


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