Log-in to our PRIVATE Donation Supported Collaborative Email, PRIVATE Creative Community, or SEMI-PUBLIC Social Spaces. For your security, your login names and passwords are separate and on completely different servers and databases. Having said that, please keep track of all 3 logins.

 Collaborative Email @ TheXFactory.com 

    TheXFactory.com :: Creative Network Collaborative Email is our PRIVATE Donation Supported Email for Creative, Collaborative, Productive, and Project Driven Minds “much more than just email”.

 Our Creative Community @ TheXFactory.com 

    Our INVITATION BASED Creative Community is based around our members requesting Do It Yourself, Do It Together, Creative, and small business projects for TheXFactory.com to curate, build, and mentor. We are ALSO a relatively small community of people who offer our talents to support each other in whatever ways that apply. All members should be here for the aforementioned reasons or at the very least be moving in this direction. You are also welcome if you’ve intended to make purchases or interact with any projects/sites listed here in our little world. Additionally if you wish to start a project with us, please feel free to let us know by sending us a project request directly from our Project Portal after your membership has been approved.

 Social Spaces for Creative Projects 

    A by invite only SEMI-PUBLIC social network for Creative, Do It Yourself, and Do It Together types – and people who help support endeavors.
    This is a SEMI-PUBLIC social network for Creative, Do It Yourself, and Do It Together types to create build and cultivate their own projects and ideas while inviting who ever they would like to engage with the creations. Members are encouraged to invite others with a similar mind set so as to help to build a truly productive and creative environment for all who sign up and join.