A NO LOGIN, NO TRACKING, RANDOMIZED SEARCH, MANUALLY MAINTAINED, ALGORITHM FREE, mem­ber dona­tion, and vis­i­tor dona­tion sup­port­ed search engine for Cre­ative, Do It Yourself(D.I.Y.), Do It Together(D.I.T.), and Small Busi­ness types.




In an effort to give links like yours a place to exist oth­er than pri­va­cy inva­sive web­sites such as social media and major search engines, Our webcrawler is a man­u­al search engine. That’s right an actu­al per­son not a bot adds entries to this web­site’s search engine.

We try to keep Fea­ture Link List­ings sim­ple by pulling a sin­gle pro­file style image, about infor­ma­tion, and a web­site link from the source web­site. This is because we’d like peo­ple to click through your web­site to engage with the con­tent at your web­site. The com­mer­cial search engines scrape every­thing and peo­ple almost nev­er vis­it your actu­al web­site. Just sayin’…

Addi­tion­al­ly, any­one can request a sim­ple re-crawl­ing of the source page by fol­low­ing the instruc­tions here –> ↓ HOW TO: SUGGEST CORRECTIONS ↓. *NOTE: Con­tent should already exist at the source website.

If you want more con­tent added to your Fea­ture List­ing page, fol­low the instruc­tions here –> ↓ SUBMITTING OR UPDATING FEATURE LISTINGS ↓ *NOTE: Any addi­tion­al con­tent should also already exist at your source website.


Also oth­er search engines may crawl the con­tent on our web­site. So peo­ple don’t have to direct­ly search our web­site in order to find the con­tent on our website.


We assume that peo­ple who are build­ing or cre­at­ing any­thing want peo­ple to find infor­ma­tion about what they do on the Inter­net. We retreive infor­ma­tion from the web­site address(url) that these folks use when sub­mit­ting or updat­ing any­thing to our web­site’s Orig­i­nal Con­tent Search Engine. Since the source infor­ma­tion is already pub­lic there is no need for a login or cre­at­ing an account with us. All we ask for is a small dona­tion in exchange for help­ing you spread the word via your list­ing on our lit­tle website.


There are no algo­rithms. We enter items as we find them then add them to a few categories(ex: band/musician, visu­al arts, small busi­ness, etc). The rest is up to your search keywords.


We also don’t track your search­es. All we care about is adding con­tent to help spread the word.


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Click­ing on the icon on our search engine, will auto­mat­i­cal­ly show you all of the most recent entries to our web­site. Includ­ing fea­tures, sub­sites, etc. Give it a try below.

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Con­tin­ue scrolling through up to 100 results in the search engine box. Click one of the title links to open your cho­sen page; or, Press ENTER or click Dis­play results on page to show the list on the web­site page instead of search box. There will be 10 search results at a time with more pag­i­na­tion options at the bottom.



[FEATURES] = Browse fea­ture Pages
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[SUBWEBSITES] = Browse fea­tured Sub­Web­site Pages
[DRIVES] = Raf­fle, Gift, Pro­du­gi, & Mem­ber Dona­tion Drives


FEATURES EXAMPLE: (your key­words…) bands/musicians Webcrawled Links

> Exam­ple

At the top right of each Webcrawled Fea­ture List­ing page appears a link called “↓SUGGEST CORRECTIONS↓”. Click­ing it will take you to the bot­tom of the fea­tures page to reveal a reply update form. It allows any­one on the Inter­net to “sug­gest” that the infor­ma­tion be re-crawled or updat­ed. it’s kin­da like a poke to let us know that we should only update infor­ma­tion locat­ed at the source link. After we receive this request, we will revis­it the source page loca­tion at a lat­er time. This link appears with­in the Fea­ture List­ing under “Con­tent retrieved from: …”.

Open up a new win­dow HERE to find or search for your Fea­ture List­ing and give it a try.
* All fields in the reply form are required;

  • COMMENT FIELD — Com­ments may be added. How­ev­er, please note that the com­ment infor­ma­tion itself will prob­a­bly not be used in updat­ing the fea­ture page. It will be used as a gen­er­al guide with light instructions. 
  • NAME FIELD — The name asso­ci­at­ed with the email address in the “EMAIL FIELD” below. 
  • EMAIL FIELD — The senders email address is require and will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be added to our mail­ing list and will NOT be shared. 
  • WEBSITE FIELD — Should be the name from which you believe that con­tent has been sourced from. This is more of a secu­ri­ty check to pre­vent spam and false update requests. In orther words, sim­ply paste the url that we used to retrieve the information(ex: Con­tent retrieved from: “…”) above in to this field. 


Our Orig­i­nal Con­tent Search Engine is a cre­ative and use­ful way to help raise dona­tions to keep our site alive and kickin’. This also helps you by adding yet anoth­er way for you to be found with­in our site and by oth­er search engines on the Inter­net. Most of our ini­tial list­ings are from our Cre­ative and Cre­ative Busi­ness mind­ed friends on social media. The meth­ods below can also be used as a kind of work around for peo­ple who just wan­der in to our web­site with­out being con­nect­ed to us on social media.

No login to TheXFactory.com is required, so we use the url that you sub­mit as a means to con­firm that we should crawl(submit) or re-crawl(update) the infor­ma­tion locat­ed at the sourced web­site. As a result there is no need for an account to be cre­at­ed and any­one on the Inter­net can submit/update a url as many times as desired. Nev­er­the­less, we’ll appre­ci­ate the donation(s) and sup­port. Pay­pal does require a login account if you decide that you would like to auto­mat­i­cal­ly update your sub­mis­sion month­ly or year­ly. When donat­ing, there are 3 sug­gest­ed prices. How­ev­er, you may donate any­thing from $2 to $508.88 by click­ing the “Oth­er” option. Submit/update instruc­tions are below. Please fol­low the instruc­tions below;


NOTE: Please remem­ber that we man­u­al­ly scrape infor­ma­tion, con­tent, etc which already exists at the pub­lic source page.

  1. TheXFactory.com/submit-featurelisting
  2. Click the amount you’d like to donate or fill in what you can afford by click­ing the “Oth­er” option. Every lit­tle bit counts. 🙂
  3. Select “Starter”, “Basic”, or “Full” options from the “Use this dona­tion for” pull-down menu.
  4. Select to pay via “Donate with Deb­it or Cred­it Card”(no account required) or “Donate with Paypal”(account required) options.
  5. Paste your web­site’s url in the box labeled “Web­site url to Retreive info from?”. This url should be short as we will only be scrap­ing basic about infor­ma­tion from this loca­tion. There is a 250 char­ac­ter lim­it for this mess­sage field.
  6. We’ll stop by your web­site and man­u­al­ly add or update your fea­ture link list­ing to our lit­tle search engine with­in a few days if no sooner.