Click­ing on the icon on our search engine above, will auto­mat­i­cal­ly show you all of the most recent entries to our web­site. Includ­ing fea­tures, events, etc. Give it a try above. Con­tin­ue scrolling through up to 25 results in the search engine box. Click one of the title links to open your cho­sen page; or, Press ENTER or click Dis­play results on page to show the list on the web­site page instead of search box. There will be 10 search results at a time with more pag­i­na­tion options at the bottom.


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Our webcrawler is a man­u­al search engine. That’s right an actu­al per­son not a bot adds entries to the site. So if you’d like some­thing updat­ed or changed, let us know know. We’ll revis­it the web address(url) where we retrieved the infor­ma­tion initially.

There are no algo­rithms. We enter items as we find them then add them to a few categories(ex:band/musician, visu­al arts, small busi­ness, etc). The rest is up to your search keywords.

We also don’t track or study your search­es. All we care about is adding con­tent to help spread the word.

Also oth­er search engines may crawl the con­tent on our site. So peo­ple don’t have to direct­ly search our site in order to find the con­tent on our site.

That’s it. 🙂