We created a repeating playlist on Tidal and realized that it pays their artists for every streaming play. So we came up with the idea to constantly stream the playlist on a computer which is already on all the time. This will hopefully generate streaming plays and a little extra money for our Facebook Group Members who have bands and/or write music which is added to the Tidal streaming cataglue.


Please don’t think of this as an ad for Tidal because it SO NOT. We’re about the bands getting support for streams. Tidal just pays out more per play to artists listed within their catalogue. That’s why we picked this streaming platform. However, if people don’t go a little bit out of their way to actually play the music over and over again especially when they aren’t listening – Nothing will change and very very lilttle money will be earned by your favorite bands. This is why TheXFactory.com created this page to let you know that we are constantly playing music by bands who are in our Facebook group. Hopefully earning them plays everyday – all day. Feel free to view our playlist and add them to yours.

We hope that many other people will create Tidal playlists of their own and make an effort to play their own non stop daily playlist repeat practices. Artists featured on our playlist play non stop. This is an effort to financially show real support for these bands and musicians who provide life enriching tunes for all who will listen.

So if you have a band on Tidal and want us to add it to our little playlist let us know by doing the following;

  1. Add TangenT D. Noir as your friend on Facebook and send a message requesting which songs or album you’d like added along with your band’s Facebook Fan Page link so that he can “Like” it to help promote your band a little.
  2. TangenT D. Noir will send you a Facebook Group link or you can just CLICK HERE and join. Let him know that you’ve joined already. You must be and stay a member of the Facebook group in order to be on the playlist as we are a creative community not a drive by promo thinger. If you don’t want to be notified that we are playing and listening to your music which people may comment on and like, this may not be the best option for you.