We use Pay­pal as our pay­ment por­tal to accept dona­tions. No login or account is required to send a “One-Time” dona­tion. How­ev­er if you choose to make your dona­tion month­ly or year­ly Pay­al will ask you to cre­ate an account so that you may change or can­cel these actions lat­er on. Pay­pal seems to require a $2.00 min­i­mum to cov­er it’s trans­ac­tion fees. Addi­tion­al­ly, TheXFactory.com requests that your dona­tions be no high­er than $508.88 per trans­ac­tion, per month, per year, etc. This is to avoid being tar­get­ed by the IRS’s $600.00 per trans­ac­tion audit­ing flag start­ed in 2023. As of 2024, our 5% Char­i­ty Tar­get has changed from a per dona­tion to a post Annu­al Dona­tion Goal. This sim­ply means that after we meet our dona­tion goal for the year we will give 100%(minus pay­pal fees of course 🙁 ) of your dona­tions to the sub­ject of our Char­i­ty Tar­get.

Our Annu­al Dona­tion Goal() is what we’d like to reach befoe the end of this year. It will help us run our lit­tle Inter­net world, pro­vide email and web host­ing for us and our mem­bers, launch spe­cial projects for mem­bers, along with soft­ware upgrades, and a fur­ture ver­sion of our site. If it were up to us we would tru­ly have NO min­i­mum dona­tions. How­ev­er, Pay­pal seems to require a min­i­mum of $2.00 per trans­ac­tion. Sad­ly, we can not help that. We do request that there be a max­i­mum of $508.88 per trans­ac­tion, per month, per year, etc. This request is so that it does­n’t look like we are try­ing to get rich — iron­i­cal­ly while still being poor AF. The way we see it, no amount is too small or large as long as you can con­fort­ably aford it. Every lit­tle bit counts and is very help­ful. If you’d like to know more about our lit­tle endeav­or and why we do what we do, please Read More Here…

NO ADULT SITES PLEASE!!! We will return your dona­tion AND reject your submission.
We are sup­port­ed by the own­er(Tan­genT D. Noir) of this site and almost exlu­sive­ly by your dona­tions to help us build and main­tain the resources(search engine, email, etc) of this web­site for both you and the com­mu­ni­ty at large. So we ask that you return to donate weath­er or not your web­sites, events, etc are list­ed with­in our seach engine. Accept­ed link types are Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, Do It Togeth­er, & Small Busi­ness types. Some peo­ple donate just because they see how impor­tant it is to sup­port the con­tin­ued exis­tence of projects like this.

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