Our annual donation goal() is the amount required to run our little Internet world in the present YEAR. This is usually the total of all of our expenses including domain and website hosting for us and our members, email hosting, special projects for members, etc. We accept donations via the above donate button on this page in any amount. There are NO minimums on this page; and, no amount is too small. Every little bit counts and is very helpful.

General Donations & Our Donations to The Keystone Opportunity Center
As of 2019-01-15, 5% of all of our GENERAL DONATIONS will be given to the Keystone Opportunity Center, a local non-profit offering social services that educate, encourage and empower people in need, to become self-sufficient. We will be making these donations when 5% of all new donations reach $25 or more in an effort to save on Paypal transaction fees. Our contributions to the Keystone Opportunity Center may be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quaterly, etc. Depending on the influx of your contributions toward our GENERAL DONATIONS. The more you give. The more we can help others help themselves.

We also have;

  • Member Donation Drive pages which usually have the goal of raising money to start up a new website project for a new member. Donations are accepted via each new Member Donation Drive’s page. This amount will factor in to our annual donation goal each year. Again, there are no minimum donation amounts. Whatever you have to offer will be appreciated and used well.
  • Gift Donation Drive pages. These are usually physical items which you will receive in exchange for a minimum donation. Sending in the minimum donation or more will qualify you for said gift posted on each Gift Donation Drive’s page. Donations are accepted via each Gift Donation Drive’s page until the items are all gone. All gifts will only be shipped within The United States of Americia (U.S.A.).
  • ProDuGi Gift Donation Drive Pages. This currently represents our CD-R multimedia collaborative project which is driven by the fundraising Gift Donation Drive pages. Projects are worked on by 2 to 3 parties(Content Provider – the data found on the CD-R, Project Producer –, and/or a Graphic Designer). The donations are accepted for each item for more than the posted amount then split 2 or 3 ways. The amount that’s received by 1/3 or 1/2) is put in to the “Annual Donation goal” funds – anything more than the “Annual Donation Goal” is simply used to make improvements to or to support the immediate family of TangenT D. Noir(Founder of :: Creative Network). The rest is donated directly to the Content producer(s) and/or the Graphic Designer(if not

In the case of the Member Donation Drives, all will be included to the Annual Donation Goal after the initial donation drive goals have been met. Thus adding to our total each year. The goal is to simply help each member to start a small group of supporters who appreciate what each member does via small donations from each contributor.

Your donations go toward;

  • Email @
  • Updates to our Network Calendar
  • The cost of the development and maintenance of our creative community
  • The cost of domains & web hosting currently parked on our webspace by members of
  • The cost of domains owned by
  • The cost of webspace owned by
  • And many more things that we do which are very hard to measure…

Many of the services that we offer here are free of charge but supplemented and maintained using donations by people like YOU.

We are also hoping to help save our members money by using these donations to pay for their monthly web hosting and annual domain registration fees.

If you like what we are doing here at, please feel free to contribute whatever you can. No matter how small – every little bit counts.

Anything over the goal amount is simply used to make improvements to or to support the immediate family of TangenT D. Noir(Founder of :: Creative Network).

You should also know that TangenT D. Noir also contributes his own money to this annual donation goal and has done so since the year 2000 to keep this project going.

Your additional donations may also be used for…

  • Reducing The Cost Of Our Hosting Fees
  • Reducing The Cost For Our CD Duplication Fees
  • Keeping Our Network Calendar updated
  • Keeping our “Free Promotion” of Creative, DIY, & DIT projects on other social networks going
  • Maintaining “No fees” for members to vend at some of Our Occasionally Hosted Events
  • Maintaining “No charges” for creatives/artists to have tables at some of Our Occasionally Hosted Events
  • And many other services that help to build our creative network

Thank you in advance.


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