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New Cre­ative, Do It Yourself(D.I.Y.), Do It Together(D.I.T.), and Small Busi­ness Links added to our Orig­i­nal Con­tent Search Engine.

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New Cre­ative, Do It Yourself(D.I.Y.), Do It Together(D.I.T.), and Small Busi­ness Sub­Site Pages added to our Orig­i­nal Con­tent Search Engine.
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    These Webcral­wed Sub­Site Sin­gle Pages are best for, although not lim­it­ed to, Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, Do It Togeth­er, and Small Busi­ness types who have mul­ti­ple projects scat­tered through­out the Inter­net and would like to Webcrawl var­i­ous sub­mit­ted links con­tain­ing pre-exist­ing infor­ma­tion and media. After crawl­ing the links, a sin­gle brows­able web page will be gen­er­at­ed and added to our Orig­i­nal Con­tent Search Engine. Read more… 

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Event invites & New Cal­en­dar events sub­mit­ted from our Friends & Vis­i­tors to our Orig­i­nal Con­tent Search Engine..

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Active Mem­ber and Gift Dona­tion Drives


WELCOME: (Donate to help us con­tin­ue our mission)
You may or may not know us. How­ev­er, if you do know us, you already know that we seri­ous­ly try to sup­port oth­ers on-line. If this is your first time here, you should know that we like to add Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, & Do It Togeth­er, and Small Busi­ness con­tent to our Orig­i­nal Con­tent Search engine, stream a silent Tidal repeat­ing Playlist to help bands and musi­cians, man­u­al­ly host a few email/redirected urls/sub domain web­sites, cre­ate an occa­sion­al mul­ti­me­dia phys­i­cal disc media, and oth­er types of pro­mo­tions and intere­ac­tions on social media to help our sup­port­ers. If you’d like to know more about your lit­tle endeav­or and why we do what we do, please Read More… | [Con­cept] | [Full Mis­sion] [Full Man­i­festo]

ORIGINAL CONTENT SEARCH ENGINE: (Fundrais­ing Dona­tion Goal & 5% Char­i­ty Tar­get): Donate Only, Sub­mit Link, or Update Link
We are sup­port­ed by the own­er(Tan­genT D. Noir) of this site and almost exlu­sive­ly by your dona­tions to help us build and main­tain the resources(search engine, email, etc) of this web­site for both you and the com­mu­ni­ty at large. So we ask that you return to donate weath­er or not your web­sites, events, etc are list­ed with­in our seach engine. Accept­ed link types are Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, Do It Togeth­er, & Small Busi­ness types. Some peo­ple donate just because they see how impor­tant it is to sup­port the con­tin­ued exis­tence of projects like this. 

DONATE DIRECT — WAYS TO MAKE YOUR DONATION: We use Pay­pal as our offi­cial pay­ment por­tal to accept dona­tions. Below are sev­er­al ways to make your dona­tion count;

Donate Only — Just Donating

  1. CLICK HERE or click the donate but­ton near the top of this page.
  2. Click one of the dona­tion amounts or type in your own in the “Oth­er Amount” field.
  3. Click the “(Option­al) Use this dona­tion for” pull-down menu and select the “–NO SELECTION — JUST DONATING–” option.
  4. Click the option­al “Make this a month­ly dona­tion” check box if you’d like to make your dona­tion occur once every month. You can can­cel at any time. This option is only avail­able if you have a pay­pal account. If you do not already have an account, you’ll be asked to cre­ate one after you select an option below.
  5. Click “Donate with Pay­pal” option if you’d like to make your dona­tion via your pay­pal account.
  6. Click “Donate with a Deb­it or Cred­it Card” if you would not like to pay with a cred­it card with­out cre­at­ing an account of any kind.
  7. Con­tin­ue to on to sub­mit your pay­ment info.

How to Donate to Send Our Sup­port to Select­ed Fea­tured List­ings *

How to Make a new Link Submission

How to Update a Link

WHAT WE DO FOR YOUR SUBMITTED LINKS(URLs): While you are donat­ing you will have the option to leave a mes­sage, note, or com­ment. Sim­ply include your link there and we will do the rest.. Any kind of link will do as long as it belongs to you and is of a Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, Do It Togeth­er, and/or Small busi­ness nature. ADULT SITES WILL NOT BE ADDED! We will attempt to do the fol­low­ing to show our sup­port for you;

All because we tru­ly believe in sup­port­ing the cre­ative, Do It Your­self, Do It Togeth­er, and Small Busi­ness Com­mu­ni­ties which help us help them. Addi­tion­al­ly, 5% of all your Gen­er­al Dona­tions go toward this years cho­sen char­i­ty at the end of this year HERE.

So click the donate but­ton below to sub­mit your link(NOTE: If your link has already been added to our search engine, please feel free to donate any­way. We’d great­ly appre­ci­ate the support);


Our annu­al dona­tion goal() is the amount required to run our lit­tle Inter­net world in the present YEAR. This is usu­al­ly the total of all of our expens­es includ­ing domain and web­site host­ing for us and our mem­bers, email host­ing, spe­cial projects for mem­bers, etc. We accept dona­tions via the above donate but­ton on this page in any amount. There are NO min­i­mums on this page; and, no amount is too small. Every lit­tle bit counts and is very helpful. 

Our Mem­bers and Gift Doantions

  • Mem­ber Dona­tion Dri­ve pages which usu­al­ly have the goal of rais­ing mon­ey to start up a new web­site project for a new mem­ber. Dona­tions are accept­ed via each new Mem­ber Dona­tion Dri­ve’s page. This amount will fac­tor in to our annu­al dona­tion goal each year. Again, there are no min­i­mum dona­tion amounts. What­ev­er you have to offer will be appre­ci­at­ed and used well.

  • Gift Dona­tion Dri­ve pages (CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19). These are usu­al­ly phys­i­cal items which you will receive in exchange for a min­i­mum dona­tion. Send­ing in the min­i­mum dona­tion or more will qual­i­fy you for said gift post­ed on each Gift Dona­tion Dri­ve’s page. Dona­tions are accept­ed via each Gift Dona­tion Dri­ve’s page until the items are all gone. All gifts will only be shipped with­in The Unit­ed States of Ameri­cia (U.S.A.).

  • Pro­Du­Gi Gift Dona­tion Dri­ve Pages (CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19). This cur­rent­ly rep­re­sents our CD‑R mul­ti­me­dia col­lab­o­ra­tive project which is dri­ven by the fundrais­ing Gift Dona­tion Dri­ve pages. Projects are worked on by 2 to 3 parties(Content Provider — the data found on the CD‑R, Project Pro­duc­er —, and/or a Graph­ic Design­er). The dona­tions are accept­ed for each item for more than the post­ed amount then split 2 or 3 ways. The amount that’s received by 1/3 or 1/2) is put in to the “Annu­al Dona­tion goal” funds — any­thing more than the “Annu­al Dona­tion Goal” is sim­ply used to make improve­ments to or to sup­port the imme­di­ate fam­i­ly of Tan­genT D. Noir(Founder of :: Cre­ative Net­work). The rest is donat­ed direct­ly to the Con­tent producer(s) and/or the Graph­ic Designer(if not

Sup­port Us and Our members

In the case of the Mem­ber Dona­tion Dri­ves, all will be includ­ed to the Annu­al Dona­tion Goal after the ini­tial dona­tion dri­ve goals have been met. Thus adding to our total each year. The goal is to sim­ply help each mem­ber to start a small group of sup­port­ers who appre­ci­ate what each mem­ber does via small dona­tions from each contributor.

Your dona­tions go toward;

  • Email @
  • Updates to our Net­work Calendar 
  • The cost of the devel­op­ment and main­te­nance of our cre­ative community 
  • The cost of domains & web host­ing cur­rent­ly parked on our web­space by mem­bers of
  • The cost of domains owned by
  • The cost of web­space owned by
  • And many more things that we do which are very hard to measure… 

Many of the ser­vices that we offer here are free of charge but sup­ple­ment­ed and main­tained using dona­tions by peo­ple like YOU.

We are also hop­ing to help save our mem­bers mon­ey by using these dona­tions to pay for their month­ly web host­ing and annu­al domain reg­is­tra­tion fees.

If you like what we are doing here at, please feel free to con­tribute what­ev­er you can. No mat­ter how small — every lit­tle bit counts.

Any­thing over the goal amount is sim­ply used to make improve­ments to or to sup­port the imme­di­ate fam­i­ly of Tan­genT D. Noir(Founder of :: Cre­ative Network).

You should also know that Tan­genT D. Noir also con­tributes his own mon­ey to this annu­al dona­tion goal and has done so since the year 2000 to keep this project going.

Your addi­tion­al dona­tions may also be used for…

  • Reduc­ing The Cost Of Our Host­ing Fees
  • Reduc­ing The Cost For Our CD Dupli­ca­tion Fees
  • Keep­ing Our Net­work Cal­en­dar updated
  • Keep­ing our “Free Pro­mo­tion” of Cre­ative, DIY, & DIT projects on oth­er social net­works going
  • Main­tain­ing “No fees” for mem­bers to vend at some of Our Occa­sion­al­ly Host­ed Events
  • Main­tain­ing “No charges” for creatives/artists to have tables at some of Our Occa­sion­al­ly Host­ed Events
  • And many oth­er ser­vices that help to build our cre­ative network

Thank you in advance.


[Tan­genT D. Noir] [Tan­genT] [T.T] :: Cre­ative Network