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Our mission is to help collaboratively curate Creative, Do It Yourself, & Do It Together endeavors. Our goal is to help provide connectivity, promotion, and available resources for the Creative, DIY (do it yourself), and DIT (do it together) communities.

We believe that YOU hold the key. We believe that creativity matters, and is an inherent tool of personal freedom. Everyone is familiar with the “starving artist” archetype, but why does it persist? Must everything created by the general population be a “product” in order to be valued by others? Or even by you? Why do we all agree to adhere to the job=money=survival model, when many find it so unfulfilling?

We don’t claim to have all the answers. But we do know that the only way to find alternatives, or to find our own personal understandings of reality, is to use our CREATIVE abilities to seek them.
Ingenuity without critical thought creates clever “products”, but is often unfulfilling if it has no real meaning or function in our lives.

We believe that artists are inherent problem solvers, and are looking to explain, communicate, and seek truth in their works. Artists can keep us real; keep us human.

We appreciate all artists for this deeply personal undertaking and recognize it as a public service in many ways. Because we value you and your work so much, we would like to encourage and nurture your creative endeavors in whatever way we can! Think of us as your own personal cheerleader.

Our on-line presence is a place for creative people and the like to find Internet based resources such as our Collaborative Email Plus+ email, our Social Spaces, our creative community, and whatever else we decide to get ourselves into. Although this site is primarily focused on Creative, Do It Yourself, & Do It Together membership based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania U.S., others may join with a similar mind set. We approach creativity from a personal and small business mindset. We also extend our physical presence from time to time in order to give creative’s a hand.

If you’ve always felt that there’s a lot more to just “making stuff”; that you can actually plot your own course by honoring your creative abilities… welcome home.


[TangenT D. Noir] 
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