Dear World: What The Actual Fuck?

There is a lot going on lately. Yes, I have been working on new music and collaborations with other artists, and I will get to all that (If you were hoping to glean information about my music, continue reading beyond my angry message, coming up). But first, let’s talk about current events.

Covid-19 and the Poor Response To It By The United States, Worldwide Protests for Equal Rights, Wealthy People In Control of Government, Police Brutality, Murder Hornets, Increased Seismic Activity at the Yellowstone Site, Asteroids Buzzing The Earth, and let’s not forget Loosening Environmental Regulations To Line The Pockets Of The Wealthy (goes along with Wealthy People In Control of Government)…

This isn’t going to simply deflate. This will eventually pop.

Most of the blame can squarely be placed on the current “president” of the United States and his personal allies (not the allies of the United States, which I am hoping we can smooth those relations after we get rid of Orange #3). Oh, in case you were curious what my stance is on our current leadership:  Fuck trump. Fuck mCconnell. Fuck the lockstep, bootlicking republicans who protect Orange #3. Fuck the police whose fraternity protects the fascism that is rampant in their ranks. I’m sure there is more I could jam my dick in, but this covers a lot of the current holes I would currently like to see plugged.

In case you might be wondering: I don’t give a fuck if you decide you will not support my work because I am not “fascist-friendly”. Go fuck yourself to some Morrissey. Trust me when I say, I don’t make enough money from what I do to notice you will be gone, and your sudden shunning of my work will not take my synths, basses, or microphones away. I will continue to create music, and there is a good chance it will only become angrier and more vitriolic toward your stupid, fucking cause.




Now, onto the good stuff.

I just finished a collaboration with Finnish project, Tonttu. If you agree that gnomes are pure evil and are in control of everything that is wrong with this world, you will certainly enjoy this song. If you wish to learn more about what I just said, I implore you to search out Tonttu’s music collection. It is pure anti-gnome propaganda. Begin your journey, here:

Anyway, I created the music as a backdrop to a story told by Hannu Kulju (Tonttu’s vocalist and leader of the anti-gnome army) about how gnomes have taken over Hell. You can enjoy this tale by clicking on either of these links:




I have also been hard at work on the instrumental album, Puzzle Of Little Deaths; a three-part album, the first of which has been released on Bandcamp only, at this time. Well, the second-part of the album is now complete. The last two songs are in post production and will be released on Bandcamp along with the first part, very soon (Once all three parts are concluded, it will be sent to darkTunes for mass distribution and streaming). I will be starting work on the final part of the album right after I finish this:




Now that the second part of Puzzle of Little Deaths is complete, I will be turning my attention to a single I had intended to release a while ago, but got quite sidetracked. A song I had originally written for an event at a night club I dj at (BIG SHOUT TO BAR XIII in WILMINGTON, DELAWARE) needed some vocals reworked on the original mix. Oddly, the remix is ready to go. That sort of order never happens, to my knowledge, but it happened. Anyway, I will be getting to the vocal rework on a song titled, Dance of the Profane.

I have to admit, I’m a little concerned about the content of the song, as it hits kinda close to current events. The song is literally about dancing to the rhythm of the end of the world. It was created long before all the shit we see now ever went down.




Dance Of The Profane and Embrace The Entropy will both be on the next, full vocal album, which will receive my complete attention, once Puzzle is complete. I know a lot of people are looking forward to the next album. Just with these two songs, it is ramping up to be angrier and more volatile than Prelude, which was more akin to me saying howdy and introducing myself.




Stay safe, my friends. The world is kinda fucked right now, but that is what it takes to make things better, sometimes.

Much Love,



PS: You can find all of my music, including a couple of covers I cannot distribute through my label due to legal issues (And yes, I do have mechanical licenses for both covers, but mass distribution becomes messy, so I give them away for free exclusively, here) on my Bandcamp page:

Also, while you are at it, go visit darkTunes’ merchandise site and purchase stuff with my face on it. Let’s make it weird!

darkMerch DJversion666 page

I Write This Here Because I Doubt Anyone Will See It And This And I Don’t Want To Spoil Anything Because Even Though Logically I Know The Idea Of Jinxing Something Is Silly Superstition But I Need To Scream It Into The Void Because I Have To Tell Someone Because This Shit Is Fucking Crazy (Is this the wordiest post title you’ve ever seen? Because there’s more…)

So, I assume no one really reads posts on my website, so I have news that I have only (so far) shared with my closest friends and family. Now, I’m telling you, because you don’t really exist.

In a little more than a week, I will be auditioning for to become the bassist for a new project called Face Without Fear!

What is Face Without Fear, you ask?

Well, let’s start with the question: What do Murderdolls, Static X, and Dope have in common?

The quick answer is, Tripp Eisen.

Now then; back to the original question: What is Face Without Fear?

The quick answer is, Tripp Eisen’s newest project.

This is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever been given, musically! To say I’m excited and chomping at the bit is a vast understatement! I have a little over a week to tighten several songs I’ve been given to learn, for this project.

Okay- now, there are those who really know me. It’s no big secret I’m on the autism spectrum. When I say I’m focused on becoming the bassist for Face Without Fear, it is a hyper-focus. I already have my personal practices scheduled, so that I may learn, become comfortable with, and tighten the songs given to me. I have all the songs given to me on a thumb drive in my car, which I listen to every driving moment. I am sleeping, eating, breathing, and absorbing these songs.

There are two other bassists auditioning. There are no other bassists auditioning. There is me, focused on making sure the bass parts art tight and on point for Face Without Fear and their first show which will be at QXT’s in Newark, NJ, August 25th.

This is not cockiness. This is my faith in myself, the number of years under my belt as a bassist, my experience, and my hyper-focus.

I look forward to this opportunity!


PS: I won’t be putting any tags to this post, really, because… I don’t want to jinx it. Silly. :/ But whatever. If it happens, I won’t be able to keep the lid on.

darkMerch, DJversion666, and You

I would like to introduce to you, THE DJversion666 DARKMERCH MERCHANDISE SITE

Because, holy shit! darkTunes comes through with another HUGE surprise! Just in time for the holiday season! You could have DJversion666 coffee mugs! A whole, fucking set! How about that shit!? Yeah!

The hoodie looks pretty damn sweet, too. I’m, of course, going to have to get a few of everything, just to annoy my friends and give them out as gifts.

I’m still unsure how I feel about seeing my face being worn on fabric, but hey- let’s find out, shall we?

Hoodies, Tees, Android phone cases, iPad cases, coffee mugs… and more to come!

Now, you can own merchandise of one of the most underground artists on this planet. Yes, you hear my music on various radio stations, and of course there is Spotify and other streaming services. But really, who the fuck am I?

Hit my store! Your parents deserve the best gifts for the holidays. This is your chance to tell them how you really feel.

Also, a reminder: I will be in Delaware, at Bar XIII, Thursday, December 6th for That Dark Dance Party at Asylum 13! I’m going to have a couple, very special songs in the mix, that evening- a new one from myself and a new one from Exemia!

Until next time,
Keep it dark


The Business Of Being Busy

Once again, I’m apologizing for being absent, here. For the two or so of you who follow me, you deserve more.

And more, I shall give you.

These past couple of months, I’ve been spinning alongside DJ Richard Reich, at Bar XIII. It’s been an incredible experience. I enjoy his style and selections of music. This past month, I also had the honor of working with the Rum Runner Review and their show, The Sinister Cabaret, at the same, beloved Bar XIII, in Wilmington, DE.

It was my first experience with a burlesque show. I’ve never seen one, either. It was amazing and I recommend it to anyone who wants a different form of entertainment. It is old-school. It is flirty. It is truly entertaining. There’s magic. Just sayin’. It was my job to play the music for the performers and spin the mixes between sets and after the show.

My next appearance at Bar XIII will be December 6th for the Asylum 13 event; That Dark Dance Party, again, with DJ Richard Reich! If you are in the area, this is where you’ll want to be, if you like your music with a touch of darkness.

Also, it should be noted that more music is being created, every moment time permits. I recently finished a song called Dance of the Profane, and have started another, much darker song that is tentatively titled, Inspiration So Dark. These are steps in the direction of the next album, which I will not release until everyone involved in the DJversion666 project are happy with it. One day, maybe I’ll release all my raw tracks for free, just to show you what doesn’t make it to the finished product. I’m finding some people are actually interested in that sort of thing. Anyway- yes, an album is being made. I wish it could be quicker, but the reality is, I have to follow my dreams and my job (that pays the bills- let’s be honest: You have to love what you do, to be a musician). I am djing a good 60 or more hours a week, so getting in the studio is an interesting challenge, but one I am willing to take. One song at a time. I will give you my best.

Keep following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else you might find me creeping around.

Until the next time,

I Know. I Need To Be More Proactive About Keeping You Informed Via This Site

First off: Apologies are in order. I’ve been very lax in keeping you updated as to the goings on in the realm of DJversion666.

I’ve been busy writing/recording for my next album (and sifting through the music, deciding which are keepers and which get sidelined), djing, and taking care of personal business.

I’ve been fighting depression, as well.

Depression sucks. It kills all motivation to do anything productive. Hell- it kills all motivation. It makes you question your self-worth. It paints the world in shades of grey.

Unfortunately, these days, everyone is quick to tell someone simply to get help. It’s easy enough to report someone for being depressed. It’s easy to tell someone what they should do to get over their depression- go for a walk, breathe deep, smile, pretend, whatever. In the age of short attention spans, memes, etc., no one seems to have time for each other, except to click the heart or the thumb’s up.

What do you do, though, when you neither want to be alone, nor around anyone?

Sometimes, I prefer to be lonely, so I don’t depress anyone by being depressed around those I care about.



Nights In White Satin – Moody Blues Cover – Available For Free Download!

Two different mixes- both available for free!

This one is the beta (beta is what I like to call my attempt at mixing down a song):


This one is the final mix by Exemia:

Nights In White Satin large

This is my gift to you. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you keep coming back to keep up with the future of this project.





DJing At Mojo 13, September 26th

I’m really looking forward to spinning, once again, at Mojo 13! It’s always a blast- the music, the people, the drinks, that atmosphere, though…

September 26th of 2015 is going to be taken up a few notches, as Justin Symbol (to which, I say, “fuck yeah!”) and Generation Empty (which is owed another, “fuck yeah!”) hammer the ears and everything in between, and DJ Richard Reich and I spin music that evening.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a theme party? That’s right- the theme for the evening is blasphemy, sacrilege, debauchery, and everything sinful.

Apparently, Pope Francis is set to hold Mass in Philadelphia that day.  We’re going to be thirty minutes away, later that evening, making things right once again.

Asylum 13 Blasphemous Sept 26 2015

I hope I see everyone here, doing what we as humans do best.


Sincerely Sinister,


Prelude- Stream It!


Depression becomes music. Pushing Through It All is what it sounds like to overcome those feelings that kept me down for so long. Sometimes, words simply aren’t necessary.

Pushing Through It All (available for download)


The evolution of humans comes this. We’re not broken. We just think differently.

What’s Inside (available for download)


When a relationship goes sour, yet you’re trapped because the person you’re involved with threatens to inflict harm upon themselves.

Happy (available for download)


Originally, I wrote this song well over a decade ago. Exemia had professed an interest in the song. I asked if he’d be interested in collaborating on a remake of it. The rest is recent history.

It is a song about depression and hopelessness. This seems to be a running theme with me.

Goodbye World (DJversion666 and Exemia) (available for download)


To all the Fundamentalist assholes who sputter on about fire, brimstone, and God’s wrath. Specifically, I wrote this song in regards to Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Kent and Eric Hovind, and the countless other liars and fear-mongers who prey on those who simply want to believe there is more to life than the bullshit we’ve been born into. Me- I am an atheist. When provoked, I become an antitheist. I can not put faith in something which can’t be proved- especially, some myth created by people who thought the earth was flat.

Where Is Your God Now? (available for download)


This song within a song is my homage to a song that started my dreams of becoming a performing musician.

Valentine (available for download)


Because I haven’t given you enough songs about self-loathing:

Malevolent Introspection (available for download)


Another instrumental- but wait! This one has an extra beat per measure! How the hell does one dance to this? However the hell you want to, my friend.

Lesson In Chaos (available for download)


We are here for a limited time, to do limited things. Our importance is ultimately overshadowed by our complete meaninglessness.

Perspective:  In 300,000 years, you’ll be bones in a museum, if you’re lucky. I don’t care who you are.

Future Gods (available for download)


There are a lot of politicians who would like to be remembered as “The One Who Pushed The Goddamn Button”. This song is dedicated to those assholes.

Human Race To The Finish (available for download)


Because of the way my mind works, I get caught up in myself, inadvertently pushing aside everyone and everything I love. This song is dedicated to my wife and son. Thank you for putting up with my bullshit.

Rain Behind Your Eyes (available for download)


This was all Exemia! He made quick work of this remix, which came out with this incredible work of art which appeared on darkTunes’ Gothic Music Orgy compilation CD.

(Exemia Remix) Goodbye World [darkTunes Mix] (bonus) (available for download)



as an extended bonus, here are other songs not found on the Prelude album:

Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues cover) (available for download)


Instrumental- The music feels as if it’s nearly about to break open and go crazy, but it hides behind a serenity, as if it’s trying to cover up its true emotions.

Sanity Between Whispers


Instrumental- I wrote this song the day I decided I’d had enough of my hiding from myself, musically.



Instrumental- This is my idea of scribbling something down on a napkin and telling myself, “I’m going to do something with this, one day. It will be glorious!”

The Artifice Of War (beta)


Instrumental- This was the scribble that became Malevolent Introspection on Prelude.

Malevolent Introspection (beta)


The next three instrumentals are so old, I seriously doubt I’ll ever actually do anything with them, but I give them to you anyway, because why the fuck not? The quality is absolute crap, but if you can overlook that, you might find some very intricate parts winding through these songs.

Birds Vs Bees originally had lyrics. I was lucky enough to have lost them. They sucked.

Spirit Of The Hunt (downloadable)

Grinder (downloadable)

Birds Vs. Bees (downloadable)


Happening On Bandcamp

As of this post, the Prelude album has had over 400 listens!

If you would like to be a part of that, you can do it here:

You can listen or download your own, personal copy of it for free (or pay what you want- all proceeds go to the DJversion666 project, which includes equipment purchases as well as funding for merchandise)!

The Release Party At QXT’s In Newark, NJ (Friday, July 24th, 2015)

qxts release party

The party was incredible! QXT’s was, as always, an amazing experience! I would like to thank Krys Przybylski and everyone else for their help kicking off the debut album, Prelude! They made it a night to remember!

2015-07-24 22.11.54


The merch table

2015-07-25 00.46.34


Jim Mill of Gravity Well


2015-07-25 00.47.42


Good Friends- good times

2015-07-25 02.11.52


Renee Pestritto- Keyboardist

2015-07-25 02.12.00


Jennifer and “Matchbox” feelin’ it

2015-07-25 00.47.51


Half of the live act, in one spot (you don’t realize how hard it is to get everyone together at once)

2015-07-25 02.13.55


Nathan Brodsky- Guitarist

2015-07-25 02.12.06


The DJ looks put off by something

2015-07-25 01.48.51


Jennifer Stewart- Beautiful wife

2015-07-25 02.14.04

2015-07-25 01.42.34

2015-07-25 00.47.37

2015-07-25 00.34.05

2015-07-25 00.33.57



There were other pictures, but my phone is a piece of crap that doesn’t do well in the dark.

It was a night to remember!




Radio Play!

Dark Essence Radio played Happy, June 29th, 2015! You can always tune in, here:


or stream the archive:

August 10th, 2015, Dark Essence Radio played Human Race To The Finish! I’ll have the archive up as soon as it’s posted!


Bloodlit Radio played Happy, July 26th, 2015! Tune in, here:

or stream the archive:


Cyberage Radio played Human Race To The Finish! You can catch this station here:

or stream the archive (8/2/2015):

Cyberage Radio played Malevolent Introspection!

stream the archive (8/16/2015):


darkTunes: Gothic Music Orgy Volume 1

Goodbye World (Exemia Remix) darkTunes mix





Mechanized: Freak Machine Volume 3

Where Is Your God Now

FreakMachineVolume3 (be sure to check out their incredible selection of music!)




Zoonosis: Cyberpunk Power Electronics Volume 3

What’s Inside

Zoonosis Cyberpunk Power Electronics Vol III (Zoonosis has an amazing selection, as well. Be sure to check it out!)




Aggro Driver ’81:  Kompilation

Human Race To The Finish

aggrodriver '81 Kompilation (Kompilation is incredible!)





darkTunes:  Darkest Halloween Compilation 2015





Side-Line Magazine:  Face The Beat:  Session 3

Face The Beat 3

Every song one this album becomes a favorite, immediately!




Intravenous Magazine:  Blood Pack Vol 3

Intravenous Blood Pack Vol 3

This is another incredible compilation!




darkTunes Music Group:  Gothic Music Orgy 2


Gothic Music Orgy 2

Coming full circle with the 2nd Gothic Music Orgy compilation, darkTunes offers another incredible album!



Expect more greatness to come!

Prelude Reviews From Around The World

“DJversion666’s new album PRELUDE is a great dose of dark ambiance. Dangerous and eerie music with it’s roots firmly planted in old school industrial. Great stuff!”– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

“liked the album a lot, im pumped for that release, i think he could really make waves…really fuckin talented and you (Exemia) helping him with his production brings it to a whole other level” -Audiocentesis

“So much quality and aggressive!” -2Bullet

“This guy is epic xD this is a really good album i also like your (Exemia) mastering, it feels really good, like some old school industrial” -Megrim

“the sound is really professional, i like the drums too wow happy’s intro sounds really cool! there’s some 90’s nin groove in there, his rockish/angrier vox reminds me of trent well, this is definitely industrial, this project could become really big. there’s something that could attract many people in my opinion they sound really finished, sounds very professional and well-though great sampling and melodically interesting also the atmosphere is there. and it changes from gothic to something a bit surrealistic or psychedelic sometimes well i’m happy that i had a chance to listen to this album this early wow, what an ending track to album. surpirisngly good release. really interesting to see how people will react, i think it has potential to go big” -Cellhavoc

Tangent D. Noir ( Review of Prelude:

“I was sent an album written by one of our group members Bri Stewart (aka: DJversion666) and given the directive to “test” it for flaws. Well honestly, it’s really hard to test an album for flaws when you realize that every time you listen to the album it gets better. I’ve listened to this pre-release all the way through, seriously, 20 or more times. Here are my thoughts track by track;

TRACK 01 “Pushing Through It All”
The first song as an instrumental is so very important to the enjoyment of this album. It opens up the part of your brain which translates audio information in to information that you will need. It completely gets you in the mindset to listen to what comes next; and, I love the soft piano towards the end.

TRACK 02 “What’s Inside”
In my opinion, this is the most “stompy” track on the album. It’s almost pre-dance industrial but it holds on to an old school electronic industrial feel some how. Once your body gets moving to this you’ll understand just how important all of these elements are.

TRACK 03 “Happy”
Heavy hitting and gritty. If you like old school dance industrial, you’re probably going to break your hip dancing to this track. This song seems to be designed to snap you out of your false sense of reality using sarcasm as it’s chosen mode of delivering it’s message.

TRACK 04 “Goodbye World”
This song starts off like a determined steam engine with a vendetta. It slowly chugs along in the night with no intension of stopping. The effects and sounds seriously add to this imagery for me. There’s also a slowed down pre-chorus and a killer coda that’s just freakin’ inspired. Great audio imagery. Gets better every time I listen to it.

TRACK 05 “Where Is Your God Now”
I love the idea that this track could have very easily become an EBM tune in the beginning. Despite the heavy industrial feel of this song – which is always good, I can actually see it becoming popular with the EBM heads who like heavy grit in their tunes. This is yet another one of those songs that sneaks up on you and gets better every time you listen to it.

TRACK 06 “Valentine”
This is currently my favorite song on the album. This song is as close to true industrial as you’re going to get today. It’s filled with irony without having a single word written. It’s just freakin’ beautiful. The leads during the coda will blow your mind. It takes me back to the days of my listening to the bands “Yellow” and “The Art of Noise”. You will always wish this song was longer; because, it’s that good.

TRACK 07 “Malevolent Introspection”
The vocals sound very 80’s influenced – always a plus with me. You will love the arpeggiated bass line. If you don’t, I’m inclined to think that something may be wrong with the way you live your life. Ha.. Ha..

TRACK 08 “Lessons in Chaos”
This is my second favorite song on the album. It sounds so good loud. It pounds it’s way through your chest. Very very industrial in my opinion; but, borrows from classic rock to make it’s point even stronger. I so love the time fluctuations of a rhythmic melody which happens through out the song. Very very bad ass. Again, this takes me back to the days of listening to the bands “Yellow” and “The Art of Noise”.

TRACK 09 “Future Gods”
Probably the most chill statement about reality you’ll ever here. Tells you like it is while making you feel relaxed about the fact that we as humans are important yet meaningless at the same time.

TRACK 10 “Human Race to the Finish”
Once this song kicked in, it really got my heart going. Great industrial metal feel with a hint of punk with a very cool mini guitar solo that you’ll never really see coming each time you listen to it.

TRACK 11 “Rain Behind Your Eyes”
This is my third favorite track on the album. The vocals are laced with what I call the “Bowie Factor”(all hail David Bowie). Very slow thought provoking tempo; and, it has an almost sinister nostalgia to it.

TRACK 12 “Goodbye World [*bonus track]”
Very good remix of the original “Goodbye World” track. It has all of what you would expect from a dance industrial hit. This edit will set the dance floor on fire!!! I don’t know if Bri plans on adding this track as a “hidden” track on the CD or not. If so, all I can say is that a good day will be had when purchasers of this CD bump in to this track.

My official summary is that this is “an album to bond with”. Which simply means, that you’ll want to listen to it from beginning to end whenever you hear any single song from the album.”