We’ve Begun Slowly Pulling Merchandise Together!

As we close in on the date we intend to be ready for the stage, we have begun our decision-making process on what merch will be available for our shows. Of course, we will have CDs and T-shirts! As funds become available, we will be ordering things one thing at a time.

CDs will be $10

T-shirts will be $15

We’re looking into buttons (oh yeah, we’re bringing it back), boy shorts (I think that’s what they’re called), posters, etc.

Currently in stock, though- STICKERS! That’s right- put the DJversion666 symbol on your books, computers, cases, local church doors (although, not recommended, it would be funny), nipples, etc.

If you order stickers, please take pictures of the crazy places you put ’em!


Currently to order online, I can only accept Paypal. If you would like to order stickers, djversion666@gmail.com will be the address to send Paypal orders.

Stickers are:

1 for $1

3 for $2

5 for $3

Bulk orders are also available. Contact me at djversion666@thexfactory.com for details.