I Write This Here Because I Doubt Anyone Will See It And This And I Don’t Want To Spoil Anything Because Even Though Logically I Know The Idea Of Jinxing Something Is Silly Superstition But I Need To Scream It Into The Void Because I Have To Tell Someone Because This Shit Is Fucking Crazy (Is this the wordiest post title you’ve ever seen? Because there’s more…)

So, I assume no one really reads posts on my website, so I have news that I have only (so far) shared with my closest friends and family. Now, I’m telling you, because you don’t really exist.

In a little more than a week, I will be auditioning for to become the bassist for a new project called Face Without Fear!

What is Face Without Fear, you ask?

Well, let’s start with the question: What do Murderdolls, Static X, and Dope have in common?

The quick answer is, Tripp Eisen.

Now then; back to the original question: What is Face Without Fear?

The quick answer is, Tripp Eisen’s newest project.

This is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever been given, musically! To say I’m excited and chomping at the bit is a vast understatement! I have a little over a week to tighten several songs I’ve been given to learn, for this project.

Okay- now, there are those who really know me. It’s no big secret I’m on the autism spectrum. When I say I’m focused on becoming the bassist for Face Without Fear, it is a hyper-focus. I already have my personal practices scheduled, so that I may learn, become comfortable with, and tighten the songs given to me. I have all the songs given to me on a thumb drive in my car, which I listen to every driving moment. I am sleeping, eating, breathing, and absorbing these songs.

There are two other bassists auditioning. There are no other bassists auditioning. There is me, focused on making sure the bass parts art tight and on point for Face Without Fear and their first show which will be at QXT’s in Newark, NJ, August 25th.

This is not cockiness. This is my faith in myself, the number of years under my belt as a bassist, my experience, and my hyper-focus.

I look forward to this opportunity!


PS: I won’t be putting any tags to this post, really, because… I don’t want to jinx it. Silly. :/ But whatever. If it happens, I won’t be able to keep the lid on.