Bringing In The New Year (2016) Right

Well, I would love to say that it will be hard to beat the awesomeness that was 2015, but I can’t. Don’t get me wrong- 2015 was the year that really put the DJversion666 project into high gear. Exemia dusted me off and put me back where I’m supposed to be, musically. QXT’s in Newark, New Jersey, hosted my cd release party, when I had released it independently. A couple months later, I signed with darkTunes Music Group. Throughout all of last year, I’d been a guest dj a number of times at Bar XIII (formerly Mojo 13) in Wilmington, Delaware. I have met some outstanding human beings throughout this past year. It has been an amazing ride, thus far.

2016- I am the first featured artist of the year, on the Batbox Music E-Zine!january-feature-band-djversion666/c1vrx!

In a couple more months, the band will be ready to take the chains off and give you the best performance possible. Expect to see us at QXT’s, Bar XIII, and The Brighton Bar in Longbranch, New Jersey, shortly after we say “go”.

January of 2016 will also usher in two more compilations- One from Intravenous Magazine:  Blood Pack Volume 3, and one from darkTunes:  Gothic Music Orgy Volume 2.

I will also be starting work on the next album, in 2016. My first album revolved around depression, self-loathing, and anger- all great emotions that feel really good to get out and put to music. Expect to dive deeper into my mind on the next album.

On that note, I would like to welcome everyone to the new year!




This Tuesday’s Practice (12-15-2015)

It was an excellent practice, once again, as we finished tightening Valentine. It feels good to add the extra layer of bass to that song.

We missed Renee, this evening. Hopefully all is well. Next week…
Malevolent Introspection is next on the agenda.

I’m looking forward to this one (Malevolent Introspection). The challenge, vocally, is in the breathing If I don’t take breaths at certain, specific points, I will surely pass out and die. When we start performing live, you’ll want to come out and see what happens. If I get distracted and miss a breath, I may just turn blue and pass out, falling into a tank of venomous platypuses. It would be awful, but I’m willing to take this chance- for you, dear madam or sir- for you.

New Compilations Coming Soon

I don’t want to give too much away, but expect to hear two more of my songs on two, separate compilations coming out in the coming months! One of the songs is a remix by Exemia, who brought the magic, once again! You won’t want to miss this huge piece of audio candy!

Stay tuned!




Nights In White Satin – Moody Blues Cover – Available For Free Download!

Two different mixes- both available for free!

This one is the beta (beta is what I like to call my attempt at mixing down a song):


This one is the final mix by Exemia:

Nights In White Satin large

This is my gift to you. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you keep coming back to keep up with the future of this project.