Radio Spots For Schwarze Welle Radio, Germany

Just finished recording 3 radio spots for Schwarze Welle Radio! This included a Holiday spot.

I will say this:  I never learned another language. I should’ve. I need to.

I’m worried that I sounded like a tourist asking for directions in the wrong part of Brussels.

Adding to the Bucket List:  Learn more languages

Do yourself a favor. It’s a big world. Do everything you can to enjoy it. Learn. Grow. Live outside of the box you grew up in. Experience. Gain perspectives. Try to understand. Never quit.



Exemia Remixed

Fucking get it! Don’t wait! Just- GET. IT!

It is an incredible tribute to the man who took my work and polished it to perfection. Exemia is an incredible talent who is part of a worldwide network of industrial musicians who realize, this isn’t a competition. We can all cross the finish line at the same time. And that’s fucking cool.

I had the esteemed honor and privilege of remixing the song, Gris. The meaning behind the song hits home. I hope I was able to do the song justice.