I Know. I Need To Be More Proactive About Keeping You Informed Via This Site

First off: Apologies are in order. I’ve been very lax in keeping you updated as to the goings on in the realm of DJversion666.

I’ve been busy writing/recording for my next album (and sifting through the music, deciding which are keepers and which get sidelined), djing, and taking care of personal business.

I’ve been fighting depression, as well.

Depression sucks. It kills all motivation to do anything productive. Hell- it kills all motivation. It makes you question your self-worth. It paints the world in shades of grey.

Unfortunately, these days, everyone is quick to tell someone simply to get help. It’s easy enough to report someone for being depressed. It’s easy to tell someone what they should do to get over their depression- go for a walk, breathe deep, smile, pretend, whatever. In the age of short attention spans, memes, etc., no one seems to have time for each other, except to click the heart or the thumb’s up.

What do you do, though, when you neither want to be alone, nor around anyone?

Sometimes, I prefer to be lonely, so I don’t depress anyone by being depressed around those I care about.