Jimmi Jensen’s Rain Behind Your Eyes Artwork!

This incredible piece was mastered by the multi-talented, Jimmi Jensen! It will be going on T-shirts, posters, and other fine pieces of DJversion666 merchandise, in the very near future!

Jimmi Jensen's Rain Behind Your Eyes
Jimmi Jensen’s Artistic Rendition of Rain Behind Your Eyes

If you’ve never heard of Jimmi Jensen, well it’s time you should! This man has done incredible artwork for other bands, such as Andrako, Diverje, Resist Concept, Varicella, Wyre Trapp, and Xentrifuge, to name a few,


Much of his artwork can be found here:

Jimmi Jensen’s Album Artwork on Facebook



…but wait- there’s more to this multifaceted individual!

He has two musical projects going on, currently:



which is is solo project.


Soak in the talent of this artist/entertainer! You’ll be glad you did!