Yeah, we invented this weird little portmanteau word ProDuGi to represent our CD-R multimedia collaborative project which is driven by the fundraising Gift Donation Drives at It is designed to be worked on by you(and/or a collection of NON commercial content providers), a Graphic Designer, and content producer). All parties should also serve as project promoters. There’s only the CD-R itself with no case or inserts. The CD-R is designed to run within computers(Linux, Windows, & MAC).

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ProDugi CD-R Media Technical Details:

  • CD-R only (data CD)
  • Designed to work in computers (Linux, Windows, and MAC)
  • All content written and organized in to folders file structures

ProDuGi CD-R Media Contents Details

  • Single or Multiple Creative, Do It Yourself, and/or Do It Together content providers may be contained with contents of CD-R.
  • Multiple types of media files are accepted (music, video, pictures, documents, programs, etc.)

Cost for 1 CD-R for each person who works on a ProDuGi project

  • $10 minimum donation per CD-R
  • Only 1 CD-R may be requested per person or group who works on the project. The reason for this rule is to prevent mass sharing and the delusion of Gift Donations for all parties involved. In short, if you don’t suggest that people exchange something for it, they will not value what you do and YOU WILL LACK THE FUNDS to continue your project’s efforts.
  • Our reasons for doing this have been proven over and over again. Just ask a musician. We’re all suck in the post Napster age with no hope of ever escaping. There’s so much cognitive dissonance that people would actually love to pay for music but the idea of FREE or cheap is impossible to pass up. Seriously, think bout it. This applies to almost everything corporations touch. REAL TALK.

ProDuGi Project Creation Requirements

  • You must have a paypal account. So that we can send you donation money. If you don’t have one, get one HERE.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: As of this month(June 2017), Paypal currently takes 2.9% + 0.30 of all of the donations which come in to us.
  • You must live in the U.S.A. This keeps shipping really cheap and consistent. So that too much donation money isn’t spent on shipping and goes to the project creators(content providers, graphic designers, and producers)
  • You must speak english pretty well only because it’s the only language we fully understand without confusion or error.

ProDuGi Promotional Responsibilities & Payments:

All parties will be responsible for sharing and promoting the project to drive in donations for each project. Each donation will be split 3 ways amongst THE CONTENT PROVIDER(you and/or others who provide the content on the CD-R), THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER(person who create the artwork on top of the physical CD-R), and THE CONTENT PRODUCER( – which provides the donation drive page, project organization, etc.).

If you are the content provider and the Graphic Designer then you will receive 1/2 of what is donated and content producer) will recieve 1/2. This is done due to the lack of the extra entity who would have had access to people to promote to. So we are basically splitting the 3rd promotional section between the content provider and the producer. The same rules apply if THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER and THE CONTENT PRODUCER are

Equal Support Donations Rules:

Idea Behind Equal Support Donations Rules: The intension behind this project is for people understand that they are not just purchasing products; but, they are also supporting the people behind each creation. Having said that, only one CD-R per person will be allowed per minimum donation. If a donator decides that he/she would like to have more than one CD-R, the required minimum donation must be raised to the average donation amount for that item with $10 being the minimum increase(ex: Donation Amount + $10 or more). You will need to contact us directly HERE to modify your donation.

  • Content Provider, graphic designer, Producer (3 way split of donations – 33%/33%/33%)
  • Content provider and graphic designer are the same (2 way split of donations – 50%/50%)

Abstract ProDuGi Thinking & Cross Promotion

After you implement the collaborative rules of creating a ProduGi project, all you’ll have to do is add the following notation to your actual project content(CD-R, artwork, t-shirts, or whatever you’ve produced etc) and send us the link information;

If you create a ProDuGi project directly with us, we will add the following notation to your actual project content; and, we’ll forward the project from the url directly to a Gift Donation Drive page at

A Release Presented by :: Creative Network [ProDuGi Collaborative Project]

If you create a ProDuGi project of your own, we’ll forward your project promotions through a url to the location of your choosing. Before hitting your page, the page will pause before redirecting to your content. This pause will offer the choice for the user to continue to your content or to view a list of your and other ProDuGi projects. You’ll have to add the following notation to your actual project content. Be sure to repleace “YourName” and “ItemName” with your information with no spaces or special characters and underscores area allowed;

An Associated ProDuGi Collaborative Project

The break down of who does what in a ProDuGi Project?

  • THE CONTENT PROVIDER(that’s you) will provide the content for the CD-R(that’s you as an individual, your small business, your band, your small organiziation/group, etc). This may be one or multiple original content providers as long as they are NOT commercially based or sponsored.
  • THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER(that’s you,, or a third party) will create the artwork which will be printed to the top of the CD-R. This should be someone that all parties agree will visually do the project justice. this person may also provide photography, artwork, and other media directly concerning the above “CONTENT PROVIDER”.
  • THE CONTENT PRODUCER( :: Creative Network) will organize the project as a whole, add the media content to the actual CD-R, print, duplicate, create a Gift Donation drive page at website, and ship the promotional CD-R to people who have donated more than the minimum required donation for each CD-R.

In case anyone wants to use the ProDuGi( concept without as the content producer.
This means using the idea of working together to create an independent project using a content provider, graphic designer, and content producer with the content producer while including the terms “ProDuGi”, “” on an within your actual items(aka: product if you will);

    Please understand that the nature of this term is as below;

  • All things related to your ProDuGi must NOT be the brain child or the property of a corporation. This term has been invented help to empower the people.
  • For the use of individuals, small organizations and businesses only. Not for large corportations or corporate minded entities
  • Is never to be sold like a standard for sale item.
  • Is based on offering said item as a donation for more that what is listed
  • Is never to be FREE without exchange.
  • Does not always have to refer to digital media. Althought it helps to think of all of the items as being duplicates of an original item.
  • Also if it doesn’t hurt too much, drop us a credit for coming up with this weird funky little term and it’s use.
    Here’s the usage break-down using “” a an example;

  • FIRST PART “YourName” = This simply should be your name or organization etc. Use your own acronyms etc.
  • SECOND PART “” = This should NOT be changed. This is a portmanteau and stands for [PRO]ject [PRO]motion & [Du]plication via [GI]ft Donation Drives.
  • THIRD PART “ItemName” = This can be replace by the name of the item up for donation. Please use all lower case letters.

  • Add the below to the actual item. So that we can add your link to our forwarding list. This link will temporarily stop then go directly to the page of your choosing. Be sure to replace “Yourname” & “ItemName” with your own information as stated above.

    An Associated ProDuGi Collaborative Item Project

  • Send us the above adjusted url, the url/Internet location of where your ProDUGi item is listed, along with the actual photo of the ProDuGi item with the ProDuGi information on it.
  • After we add and confirm that you have created a true ProDuGi listing, we will forward your url from to your url at “your site”.


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