Yeah, we invent­ed this weird lit­tle port­man­teau word(ProDuGi) to rep­re­sent our CD‑R mul­ti­me­dia col­lab­o­ra­tive project which is dri­ven by the fundrais­ing Gift Dona­tion Dri­ves at It is designed to be worked on and cre­at­ed by you(and/or a col­lec­tion of NON com­mer­cial con­tent providers), a Graph­ic Design­er, and­ma­ry con­tent pro­duc­er). All par­ties should also serve as project pro­mot­ers after the project is com­plete. There’s only the CD‑R itself with no case or inserts. The CD‑R is designed to run with­in computers(Linux, Win­dows, & MAC). After com­ple­tion, Each CD‑R will be pre­sent­ed as an online raf­fle. Only one CD‑R will be raf­fled at a time at only. Project request chat, full details, and sub­mis­sion form are below.

Project Request Chat:
* If chat is not avail­able, please tell us about your project via Reply Mes­sage below.

Pro­Du­Gi Project Cre­ation Requirements:

  1. You must speak eng­lish pret­ty well only because it’s the only lan­guage we ful­ly under­stand with­out con­fu­sion or error.
  2. You must have a pay­pal account. So that we can send you dona­tion mon­ey. If you don’t have one, get one HERE.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Pay­pal cur­rent­ly takes 2.9% + $0.30 of all of the dona­tions which come in to us.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE #2: uses 5% of all dona­tions for our 5% Char­ty Tar­get. This is after above Pay­pal fees.

Basic Details:

  • 10 CD-Rs or DVD-Rs for raf­fle and send­ing direct­ly to raf­fle win­ner. 1 CD‑R or DVD‑R in under a month at $5 per tick­et. 25–100 tick­ets may be sold.
  • *No CD-Rs or DVDs will be sent direct­ly to artist.
  • Raf­fle for 1 CD‑R at a time until they are all gone.
  • Pay­pal fees(2.9% + $0.30) and 5% Char­i­ty Fees will apply. This will make the actu­al val­ue of one $5 dona­tion equal to $4.32725

Pro­Du­gi CD‑R Media Tech­ni­cal Details:

  • CD‑R for small­er projects(data CD only) or DVD‑R for larg­er projects(data CD only)
  • Designed to work in com­put­ers (Lin­ux, Win­dows, and MAC)
  • All con­tent writ­ten and orga­nized in to fold­er file struc­tures by TXF
  • TXF cre­ates CD‑R stru­ture, tag­ging, burn­ing, etc
  • 1 Pro­du­gi Project Page

Pro­Du­Gi CD‑R Media Con­tents Details:

  • Sin­gle or Mul­ti­ple Cre­ative, Do It Your­self, and/or Do It Togeth­er con­tent providers may be con­tained with con­tents of CD‑R.
  • Mul­ti­ple types of media files are accept­ed (music, video, pic­tures, doc­u­ments, pro­grams, etc.)

Cost for 1 CD‑R for each per­son who works on a Pro­Du­Gi project:

  • $10 min­i­mum dona­tion per CD‑R
  • Please do not make your own copies of this project as it will defeat the pur­pose of gen­er­at­ing actu­al mon­ey from this product!
  • Only 1 CD‑R may be request­ed per per­son or group who works on the project. The rea­son for this rule is to pre­vent mass shar­ing and the delu­sion of Gift Dona­tions for all par­ties involved. In short, if you don’t sug­gest that peo­ple exchange some­thing for it, they will not val­ue what you do and YOU WILL LACK THE FUNDS to con­tin­ue your pro­jec­t’s efforts.
  • Our rea­sons for doing this have been proven over and over again. Just ask a musi­cian. We’re all suck in the post Nap­ster age with no hope of ever escap­ing. There’s so much cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance that peo­ple would actu­al­ly love to pay for music but the idea of FREE or cheap is impos­si­ble to pass up. Seri­ous­ly, think bout it. This applies to almost every­thing cor­po­ra­tions touch. REAL TALK.

Pro­Du­Gi Pro­mo­tion­al Respon­si­bil­i­ties & Payments:

All par­ties will be respon­si­ble for shar­ing and pro­mot­ing the project to dri­ve in dona­tions for each project. Each dona­tion will be split 3 ways amongst THE CONTENT PROVIDER(you and/or oth­ers who pro­vide the con­tent on the CD‑R), THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER(person who cre­at­ed the art­work on top of the phys­i­cal CD‑R), and THE CONTENT PRODUCER( — which pro­vides the dona­tion dri­ve page, project orga­ni­za­tion, etc.).

If you are the con­tent provider and the Graph­ic Design­er then you will receive 1/2 of what is donat­ed and con­tent pro­duc­er) will recieve 1/2. This is done due to the lack of the extra enti­ty who would have had access to peo­ple to pro­mote to. So we are basi­cal­ly split­ting the 3rd pro­mo­tion­al sec­tion between the con­tent provider and the pro­duc­er. The same rules apply if THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER and THE CONTENT PRODUCER are

Equal Sup­port Dona­tions Rules:

Idea Behind Equal Sup­port Dona­tions Rules: The inten­sion behind this project is for peo­ple to under­stand that they are not just pur­chas­ing prod­ucts; but, they are also sup­port­ing the peo­ple behind each cre­ation. Hav­ing said that, only one CD‑R per per­son will be allowed per min­i­mum dona­tion. If a dona­tor decides that he/she would like to have more than one CD‑R, the required min­i­mum dona­tion must be raised to the aver­age dona­tion amount for that item with $10 being the min­i­mum increase(ex: Dona­tion Amount + $10 or more). You will need to con­tact us direct­ly HERE^ to mod­i­fy your donation.

  • Con­tent Provider, graph­ic design­er, Pro­duc­er (3 way split of dona­tions — 33%/33%/33%)
  • Con­tent provider and graph­ic design­er are the same (2 way split of dona­tions — 50%/50%)

Abstract Pro­Du­Gi Think­ing & Cross Promotion:

After you imple­ment the col­lab­o­ra­tive rules of cre­at­ing a Pro­du­Gi project, all you’ll have to do is add the fol­low­ing nota­tion to your actu­al project content(CD‑R, art­work, t‑shirts, or what­ev­er you’ve pro­duced etc) and send us the link information;

If you cre­ate a Pro­Du­Gi project direct­ly with us, we will add the fol­low­ing nota­tion to your actu­al project con­tent; and, we’ll for­ward the project from the url direct­ly to a Gift Dona­tion Dri­ve page at

A Release Pre­sent­ed by :: Cre­ative Net­work [Pro­Du­Gi Col­lab­o­ra­tive Project]

If you cre­ate a Pro­Du­Gi project of your own, we’ll for­ward your project pro­mo­tions through a url to the loca­tion of your choos­ing. Before hit­ting your page, the page will pause before redi­rect­ing to your con­tent. This pause will offer the choice for the user to con­tin­ue to your con­tent or to view a list of your and oth­er Pro­Du­Gi projects. You’ll have to add the fol­low­ing nota­tion to your actu­al project con­tent. Be sure to repleace “Your­Name” and “Item­Name” with your infor­ma­tion with no spaces or spe­cial char­ac­ters and under­scores area allowed;

An Asso­ci­at­ed Pro­Du­Gi Col­lab­o­ra­tive Project

The break down of who does what in a Pro­Du­Gi Project?:

  • THE CONTENT PROVIDER(that’s you) will pro­vide the con­tent for the CD‑R(that’s you as an indi­vid­ual, your small busi­ness, your band, your small organiziation/group, etc). This may be one or mul­ti­ple orig­i­nal con­tent providers as long as they are NOT com­mer­cial­ly based or sponsored.
  • THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER(that’s you,, or a third par­ty) will cre­ate the art­work which will be print­ed to the top of the CD‑R. This should be some­one that all par­ties agree will visu­al­ly do the project jus­tice. this per­son may also pro­vide pho­tog­ra­phy, art­work, and oth­er media direct­ly con­cern­ing the above “CONTENT PROVIDER”.
  • THE CONTENT PRODUCER( :: Cre­ative Net­work) will orga­nize the project as a whole, add the media con­tent to the actu­al CD‑R, print, dupli­cate, cre­ate a Gift Dona­tion dri­ve page at web­site, and ship the pro­mo­tion­al CD‑R to peo­ple who have donat­ed more than the min­i­mum required dona­tion for each CD‑R.

In case any­one wants to use the Pro­Du­Gi( con­cept with­out as the con­tent producer.
This means using the idea of work­ing togeth­er to cre­ate an inde­pen­dent project using a con­tent provider, graph­ic design­er, and con­tent pro­duc­er with the con­tent pro­duc­er while includ­ing the terms “Pro­Du­Gi”, “ on an with­in your actu­al items(aka: prod­uct if you will);

    Please under­stand that the nature of this term is as below;
  • All things relat­ed to your Pro­Du­Gi must NOT be the brain child or the prop­er­ty of a cor­po­ra­tion. This term has been invent­ed help to empow­er the people.
  • For the use of indi­vid­u­als, small orga­ni­za­tions and busi­ness­es only. Not for large cor­por­ta­tions or cor­po­rate mind­ed entities
  • Is nev­er to be sold like a stan­dard for sale item.
  • Is based on offer­ing said item as a dona­tion for more that what is listed
  • Is nev­er to be FREE with­out exchange.
  • Does not always have to refer to dig­i­tal media. Althought it helps to think of all of the items as being dupli­cates of an orig­i­nal item.
  • Also if it does­n’t hurt too much, drop us a cred­it for com­ing up with this weird funky lit­tle term and it’s use.
    Here’s the usage break-down using “ a an example;
  • FIRST PART “Your­Name” = This sim­ply should be your name or orga­ni­za­tion etc. Use your own acronyms etc.
  • SECOND PART “” = This should NOT be changed. This is a port­man­teau and stands for [PRO]ject [PRO]motion & [Du]plication via [GI]ft Dona­tion Drives.
  • THIRD PART “Item­Name” = This can be replace by the name of the item up for dona­tion. Please use all low­er case letters.
  • Add the below to the actu­al item. So that we can add your link to our for­ward­ing list. This link will tem­porar­i­ly stop then go direct­ly to the page of your choos­ing. Be sure to replace “Your­name” & “Item­Name” with your own infor­ma­tion as stat­ed above.

    An Asso­ci­at­ed Pro­Du­Gi Col­lab­o­ra­tive Item Project


  • Send us the above adjust­ed url, the url/Internet loca­tion of where your Pro­DU­Gi item is list­ed, along with the actu­al pho­to of the Pro­Du­Gi item with the Pro­Du­Gi infor­ma­tion on it.
  • After we add and con­firm that you have cre­at­ed a true Pro­Du­Gi list­ing, we will for­ward your url from to your url at “your site”.



The main use for this form is to send us questions and/or comments about your new Produgi Project. Please only fill out this form if your are seriously inquiring about starting a project. Inquires about Produgi Projects will be responded to via the email address that you give below. Replying below will also add you to our mailing list in case the big social networks tank or become even more untrustworthy(ugh…).

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