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Night Gallery arose from the dark goth­ic cor­ners of New York City with a few songs and a dream. A dream that a great band could be formed from a col­lec­tion of orig­i­nal songs which was writ­ten over the years begin­ning in 1986. The first song was called “Funer­al Par­lor” which was writ­ten from an expe­ri­ence Kit­ty had as a child. In a dream about this expe­ri­ence which occurred many years before, Kit­ty was inspired to cre­ate the bass line which was heard in her dream and remem­bered upon wak­ing. Night Gallery did sev­er­al record­ings in the 90’s, one song called “Sara” made it on a 1992 com­pi­la­tion album called “Hear No Evil, Vol­ume II” which can still be found. Night Gal­ley played many New York City venues over the fol­low­ing three years which cul­mi­nat­ed with their farewell gig at the infa­mous “Lime­light”. After the break-up of Night Gallery in 1995. More than a decade lat­er in 2005, Kit­ty was inspired to revive “Night Gallery” with a fresh new line-up of musi­cians, record­ed all the songs in 2013 and put out an album named “Inside Out” which can be pur­chased on CD Baby.

As of 2015, we now have Mark Demon on Vocals, Kit­ty Hawke on Bass, John Marzan on Drums, Ger­ry Bar­nas on Gui­tar, OZ on Key­boards, Cheryl Pyle on Flute, and Helen Buyin­s­ki on Violin.

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