This Tuesday’s Practice (12-15-2015)

It was an excellent practice, once again, as we finished tightening Valentine. It feels good to add the extra layer of bass to that song.

We missed Renee, this evening. Hopefully all is well. Next week…
Malevolent Introspection is next on the agenda.

I’m looking forward to this one (Malevolent Introspection). The challenge, vocally, is in the breathing If I don’t take breaths at certain, specific points, I will surely pass out and die. When we start performing live, you’ll want to come out and see what happens. If I get distracted and miss a breath, I may just turn blue and pass out, falling into a tank of venomous platypuses. It would be awful, but I’m willing to take this chance- for you, dear madam or sir- for you.