Kick Ass Music You Should Be Listening To

There is absolutely no way I could list all the musical artists I believe everyone should experience. I could try, but it would take a lifetime. I apologize in advance, if I miss anyone. Please feel free to comment, if I’ve missed an artist/group you think should be mentioned.

Many of these are free (pay what you want) to download. Show your appreciation for their talent and artistry by throwing them a buck or two. That’s certainly not asking much to increase your music collection.

Support the indie artists. This is the individual who helped make the DJversion666 project a reality. He is a man of many talents.  I highly recommend the song, Gris. Not only is his music absolutely incredible, but his artwork is something you do not want to miss! Incredible sounds that you will definitely want to add to your collection. Zughenruhe is a personal favorite. This is an up-and-comer you won’t want to miss! It is the collaborative project of Exemia and Audiocentesis. Between these two names, you can bet on incredible sounds that you will listen to over and over again. I love [AndroidKölon:58]- great music and, on a personal level, a sense of humor that will make you piss yourself. Bear Wrestler. Seriously. Because everyone should love Caffetine!  He’s currently in the process of putting his Bandcamp page together. He has a lot of awesome music on Soundcloud!

This list will be constantly updated! Keep checking back for more bands/artists and their respective links!