Every year we choose a cause to give to after we have met our annual website budget. This cause can be anything from a Creative, Do It Yourself, Do It Together, Small Business or even a small local institution. It’s our way of paying it forward.


2021-2023: (TOO FEW DONATIONS)
“Kentucky Disaster Relief”

Not enough donations during the Covid-19 pandemic. The few donations that we have received will be carried over to the next cause in 2024 as the Kentucky Disaster relief issue no longer seems relevant at this time.

5% of all of our GENERAL DONATIONS will be given to “KENTUCKY DISASTER RELIEF”. It took us a while but we’ve finally found our new Annual Charity Target! Until the end of this year, 5% of your donations will got to the “Kentucky Tornado Victims” if we hit our target goal of $1,733.16 in General donations here –> (select: –95% Toward TheXFactory / 5% KENTUCKY DISASTER RELIEF–). Obviously any amount will do. However, please donate less that $599 at a time(not that people have that much during the end times). This will hopefully help prevent any tax code violations set by The Biden administration’s tricky new tax bill. We don’t want to get audited for trying to help the people in our own freakin’ country.

2020: (COMPLETE)
The Keystone Opportunity Center

5% of all of our GENERAL DONATIONS will be given to the Keystone Opportunity Center, a local non-profit offering social services that educate, encourage and empower people in need, to become self-sufficient. We will be making these donations when 5% of all new donations reach $25 or more in an effort to save on Paypal transaction fees. Our contributions to the Keystone Opportunity Center may be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quaterly, etc. Depending on the influx of your contributions toward our GENERAL DONATIONS. The more you give. The more we can help others help themselves.