May 29


9:00 pm

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This is DI AUGER’S RAGECAST — a non-stop assault of Indus­tri­al, Goth, Met­al, Punk and Alt sounds to help you vent and wreck hav­oc with­in your per­son­al bub­ble. Fuck the new norm — This is the RAGE.
WE ARE BACK — with anoth­er exclu­sive this time from 40 OCTAVES BELOW/ANGELSPIT!, ANTHONY (H), LIVE EVIL PRODUCTIONS, GLENN LOVE, MESMER’S GHOST, TRICK CASKET, PHANTOM HIGH, and final­ly a release date announce­ment for DI AUGER’s new album — UNDER THE SKIN OF THIS WORLD! So much to share here can’t pos­si­bly squeeze it all into this box! Strap your­selves in so you don’t fall off this ride! This May RAGECAST is going on a musi­cal RAMPAGE!