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Bri­an Stew­art is the cre­ative pow­er behind DJversion666, com­pos­ing indus­tri­al music of var­i­ous sub-gen­res rang­ing from goth to indus­tri­al met­al and every­thing in between. He also has dee­jayed at var­i­ous venues, rang­ing from gentlemen’s clubs in the State of New Jer­sey, to indus­tri­al dance clubs such as Mojo 13′s Asy­lum 13 and Sol­id State, in Wilm­ing­ton, Delaware.

Wel­come to the OFFICIAL DJversion666 blog. This is where you can stay cur­rent with the sounds, rants, and goings on of the most cyn­i­cal, sin­is­ter (only because, well- left hand­ed) athe­ist musi­cian of the post-indus­tri­al genre.

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