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CYBERAGE RADIO.……the mission…the purpose…the music…
updat­ed 10/19/02

CYBERAGE RADIO was formed in 1995 by TOMMY T. After 3 years of host­ing the met­al show on KUNM,and grow­ing bored with that style of music and its fan­base, TOMMY T. decid­ed to fol­low his first love and take it to the high­est lev­el of music enter­tain­ment that he could achieve: with ELECTRO-INDUSTRIAL, POWER NOISE, EXPERIMENTAL, EBM, SYNTHPOP, and all the oth­er dark sub­di­vi­sions of ELECTRONIC MUSIC,TOMMY T. could expose the mass­es to the music they were all denied from oth­er d.js and the lame, non-inno­vat­ing radio sta­tions and clubs alike!

KUNM was very cool and patient and allowed TOMMY T. fol­low his vision,and the lis­ten­ers flocked to the show like mad. The under­ground has a new voice and a fresh style of d.j’ing, non-com­prim­is­ing, mixed with a pas­sion for the new and upcom­ing bands and artists work­ing hard to be heard now!

The show has grown and grown over the years to become a stan­dard in the ELECTRONIC / INDUSTRIAL scene over the last 7 years… a unique style that TOMMY T. has devel­oped with this show that is often copied but nev­er equaled.

In 1997, a good bud­dy — Data King(m.i.a) helped TOMMY T. and CYBOBURNT reach their goal with get­ting the Rage online and ready to lis­ten to! stream­ing, and down­load­ing was a new thing for most back then.The 3 became a team,were very lucky to receive some great host­ing from Eric A., who real­ly took the Cyber­age to the next lev­el. The world­wide con­sump­tion would begin!

CYBERAGE RADIO was the first ELEKTRO-INDUSTRIAL show online, and get­ting lis­ten­ers hooked right away through adver­tise­ments on news­groups and mail­ings lists,the par­ty was on! WORLDWIDE lis­ten­er­ship was grow­ing quickly.

“Short­ly after we started,a host of oth­er new and upcom­ing d.js were get­ting in touch with CYBERAGE and try­ing to fig­ure out how we were doing this… we defi­nate­ly were ahead of our time. (thanks Data!)… of course we gave them all the info,as we want­ed to see more indus­tri­al, EBM, pow­er noise and syn­th­pop styles get­ting heard by all… there was just so much great music out that was being over­looked always … by everyone!!!

Cyber­age then inspired a whol new slew of d.js to come up and do their own thing on the internet.these were the new trend… the “inter­net only shows”… play­ing alot of elec­tro-indus­tri­al and in a way, mim­ic­ing the CYBERAGE… it is flat­ter­ing… for sure!”

The CYBERAGE RADIO is a very inno­v­a­tive, inter­est­ing and unique show! As we know it is not only a radio show, or strict­ly an inter­net only show, it incor­po­rates the best of both worlds.

You can hear CYBERAGE RADIO live! and on air at 89.9 FM if you are in New Mexico,anywhere in N.M. as the sta­tion has a 100,000 watt sig­nal.. Sat­ur­days ‑overnight‑1–6am!! prime time par­ty time!

When you hear TOMMY T announce you can tell he is right in there with you, par­ty­ing, danc­ing, hav­ing a wicked time, and the pas­sion you hear in the breaks, is amaz­ing. I nev­er heard a pro­gram like this before. tru­ly an orig­i­nal, and this d.j. does not need a room full of hosts, and guests, he con­cen­trates on the show, the music, and the fans lis­ten­ing. now that is impres­sive! Lis­ten to that mix! tight, seam­less, smooth, and not based on the “beat mix­ing” that the sil­ly club d.js wor­ry so much about.

This is just orig­i­nal heart­felt d.j.‘ing. Old school atti­tude mixed with new school images, music, com­men­tary. brilliant!

you can lis­ten to the CYBERAGE LIVE on the inter­net as well.. the time zone is MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME 1–6 am sat­ur­day overnight (sun­day morn­ings) and this can all be heard at —

Each week you can lis­ten to a new 5 hour radio show filled with the best new and upcom­ing artists, bands, and labels with new sounds to offer. The show is based on the present and future… which is com­plete­ly rare in this day and age!

–Jason Sup­pi­ni


The mis­sion.…. to bring new sounds, new artists and great elec­tron­ic music to more peo­ples ears than ever before… give bands an out­let to be heard and to make this form of radio more pop­u­lar than com­mer­cial radio… as it should be. we want more peo­ple to get into this music, sup­port these great bands and tell more about them all. its always been about the music, always been about the sounds… not the d.j., not the look, not the poseur side of things that the club scene and goth­ic scene neg­a­tive­ly bring to this music. why do you think i do the show alone for the most part… except when my wack split per­son­al­i­ty syn­drome kicks in… and takes over… the pow­er of the music is what com­mits me to insan­i­ty, and pure bliss.:-)

the pur­pose.… to have the online com­mu­ni­ty check­ing out this radio show and oth­er cool ones like it… instead of down­load­ing, file shar­ing and destroy­ing the music, the under­ground, the bands and labels. the radio shows like this are here for you to hear and sam­ple new music… legal­ly!! yeah! how cool… we are friends with the labels and bands, and we know that with­out them… there is no radio, no clubs, no fun, no music, believe it or not… “gen­er­a­tion d” thinks they know it all… but they did­n’t cre­ate any­thing yet to see how bad the ille­gal boot­leg­ging and shar­ing of copy­right­ed mate­ri­als affect the over­all val­ue of art in gen­er­al. they are the ones doing the boot­leg­ging… hehe so they do not val­ue stuff, until its gone… shar­ing is fun, when its not your stuff… right!

we respect the artists always, and the labels who put out all the mon­ey to release,promote and get these bands heard and rising..they all deserve respect and to have the sup­port. if you like the music… buy it… it will help the bands and great elec­tron­ic scene sur­vive… real­ly… this is fact. not opinion.

the music… it is from all over the globe… it is from all over the elec­tron­ic scope… it is from artists with heart and soul… with a pas­sion to go beyond the typ­i­cal, com­mer­cial, easy for­mat… its all about vision… and are con­nect­ing with those who do the music, and those who under­stand and love what we play… the music is what keeps me alive… the music keeps us from los­ing it all, cause soci­ety is weak, and bit­ter­ly pathet­ic with­out good music.

this is out rev­o­lu­tion now… we will not sub­mit, we will not thrive on the past, and main­stream, com­mer­cial music that has no place in our show, our lives, our rev­o­lu­tion. the com­mer­cial bands and main­stream has too much already, we are as far away from any of that as we can be… for good reason.

we let the past be remem­bered and loved or hat­ed for what it is… now we forge for­ward into an uncert­ian future, where we can try to con­trol… and decide what music is heard,and no longer do we need com­mer­cial d.js, tv, or any­thing telling, and play­ing us the same old heart­less, cor­po­rate processed crap… thats the rev­o­lu­tion. lets tear it all down..the main­stream should be done with..and new music of the elec­tron­ic age should be heard by more and more .…until it con­sumes all.

then we reach utopia.

that last part was sup­posed to be funny…

more Cyber­age Radio to come… always… and forever.

–Jason Stup­pi­ni w/ TOMMY T. assis­tance… (2002)

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