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Moon­light Lily
Moon­light Lily is a mod­ern rock and alter­na­tive met­al band.

She had seen its first light in New Jer­sey, USA just before the Pan­de­mo­ni­um-19 hit the Unit­ed States in ear­ly 2020.

Moon­light Lily is: Jen­na (Piano, Key­boards), Eduar­do (Gui­tars, Bass) and Iva (Vocals, Lyrics, Synths). The mem­bers each come from a dif­fer­ent part of the world – USA, Puer­to Rico and Serbia.

Moon­light Lily’s songs talk about love, pas­sion, death and invis­i­ble realms, often through fan­tas­tic imagery. These images, words and sounds were born out of the need to under­stand and express the “I” that ani­mates our avatars. They are our way to cope with the untouch­able real­i­ty and the uncer­tain­ty lin­ger­ing around all of us.

Those search­ing for the spark and yearn­ing to see the unseen, those wan­der­ing spir­its who nev­er seem to be able to find their place, would prob­a­bly find us very familiar.

A sto­ry about death and dying from the eyes, heart and soul of the one who watched, fought and lost but lived to spill the words into this song. An ode to the irony of our exis­tence proud­ly car­ried through a beau­ti­ful melody. Until our next round…

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