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The Ice­box Project Space is an inno­v­a­tive and exper­i­men­tal con­tem­po­rary arts plat­form where visu­al artists, musi­cians, film mak­ers, and per­form­ers are able to work, think, and col­lab­o­rate with­in a unique­ly large scale and open structure.

Our mis­sion is to facil­i­tate projects that are a bet­ter­ment of the com­mu­ni­ty and to push for social change. We look to art­works, per­for­mances, videos, move­ment, and sound that have a sense of urgency and rel­e­vance in and around Philadel­phia. We work with artists that are push­ing against some­thing, whether it is oppres­sive insti­tu­tions, con­struc­tion of iden­ti­ty, or even the cre­ative process itself.

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