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LAVA, the Lan­cast­er AVenue Autonomous space is a cen­ter for rad­i­cal media and orga­niz­ing locat­ed at 4134 Lan­cast­er Avenue in the Bel­mont neigh­bor­hood of West Philadel­phia. The LAVA col­lec­tive’s mis­sion is to cre­ate an empow­er­ing and wel­com­ing phys­i­cal space where diverse com­mu­ni­ties con­verge to build con­nec­tions and break down bar­ri­ers, blend­ing media-mak­ing, artis­tic expres­sion and hardy nuts-and-bolts orga­niz­ing in order to advance move­ments for justice.

The first floor of LAVA hosts the LAVA library, a com­mu­ni­ty kitchen and an event space where social change orga­ni­za­tions hold meet­ings, lec­tures, video-show­ings, ben­e­fit con­certs and oth­er com­mu­ni­ty hap­pen­ings. LAVA aspires to host wel­com­ing, strate­gic and inspir­ing events that con­nect diverse com­mu­ni­ties, build­ing bridges between move­ments for fun­da­men­tal social change.

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