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From the NJ/NYC’s Under­ground Music Scene comes Xen­trifuge, a bru­tal assault of Harsh Industrial/Dark Elec­tro, con­struct­ed by the col­lec­tive­ly inno­v­a­tive minds of Chris X and Lisa Hellen.

Xen­trifuge brings a ground­break­ing blend of Indus­tri­al-based sound, fused with noise, and a touch of heavy gui­tar work to cre­ate a haunt­ing­ly melod­ic, yet raw and unfor­giv­ing product.

Chris X start­ed Xen­trifuge in 2005 — a blend of Harsh Indus­tri­al and Dark Electro.

In 2007, “Light Extin­guished” was released on Noitekk/Black Rain Media, Grav­i­ta­tor, and COP Int. (Peak­ing at num­ber six on the DAC, Xen­trifuge estab­lished a loy­al inter­na­tion­al following).

In 2009, Xen­trifuge con­tin­ued to break bound­aries. The high­ly antic­i­pat­ed sec­ond album “Con­vert­ing Infin­i­ty”, was a hit with fans and the world-wide indus­tri­al music scene.

Over the years, Chris X worked with a vari­ety of live artists, but by 2012 real­ized some­thing more sta­ble was need­ed and Lisa Hellen quick­ly became an inte­gral part of the band.

Always evolv­ing, in 2014 Xen­trifuge returned with a bar­rage of sin­gles and remix­es as well as live performances.

The duo released the sin­gle, “Machine Win­ter” in 2016 which imme­di­ate­ly became a fan favorite. A final ver­sion of the song appears on the full-length album, “Desen­si­tized Par­al­lels” avail­able March 2018 world­wide via Cleopa­tra Records.

Xen­trifuge brings high ener­gy and rav­en­ous pres­ence to the stage and infects the crowd with a raw, relent­less, yet unique pack­age for fans of the dance-floor and mosh-pit alike!

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