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From the NJ/NYC’s Underground Music Scene comes Xentrifuge, a brutal assault of Harsh Industrial/Dark Electro, constructed by the collectively innovative minds of Chris X and Lisa Hellen.

Xentrifuge brings a groundbreaking blend of Industrial-based sound, fused with noise, and a touch of heavy guitar work to create a hauntingly melodic, yet raw and unforgiving product.

Chris X started Xentrifuge in 2005 – a blend of Harsh Industrial and Dark Electro.

In 2007, “Light Extinguished” was released on Noitekk/Black Rain Media, Gravitator, and COP Int. (Peaking at number six on the DAC, Xentrifuge established a loyal international following).

In 2009, Xentrifuge continued to break boundaries. The highly anticipated second album “Converting Infinity”, was a hit with fans and the world-wide industrial music scene.

Over the years, Chris X worked with a variety of live artists, but by 2012 realized something more stable was needed and Lisa Hellen quickly became an integral part of the band.

Always evolving, in 2014 Xentrifuge returned with a barrage of singles and remixes as well as live performances.

The duo released the single, “Machine Winter” in 2016 which immediately became a fan favorite. A final version of the song appears on the full-length album, “Desensitized Parallels” available March 2018 worldwide via Cleopatra Records.

Xentrifuge brings high energy and ravenous presence to the stage and infects the crowd with a raw, relentless, yet unique package for fans of the dance-floor and mosh-pit alike!