Voidstar Productions’ High Voltage Circumcision ShowVoid­star Pro­duc­tions’ High Volt­age Cir­cum­ci­sion Show With Deftly‑D
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Con­tent retrieved from: spinitron.com/WZBC/pl/10948332/Voidstar-Productions-High-Voltage-Circumcision-Show

Since 2001, The High Volt­age Cir­cum­ci­sion show has deliv­ered a full spec­trum bar­rage of dark hard and exper­i­men­tal music from indus­tri­al to noise to idm to ebm to bizarre to audio col­lage often with a side of live guests, social con­scious­ness, inter­views, twist­ed humor, stu­dio exper­i­ments and left turns.

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