In the process of retiring TheXFactory.NET as a separate domain and website.

The reasons for retiring this website are numerous – all of which have more to do with my cost, the lack of creative member self promotion of their profiles here at TheXFactory.NET, and the lack sales generated by the aforementioned self user promotion/sales. As a result, I have been forced to down-size my Internet resource load.

The major missions of this site were:

  1. to have creative members support themselves by selling items that they had created themselves via their profiles here at TheXFactory.NET
  2. to have creative members support each other by purchasing items from each other via their profiles here at TheXFactory.NET
  3. to have creative members help support the site by simply selling items that they have created themselves via their profiles here at TheXFactory.NET

Essentially all creative members really needed to do was build a profile and share the links to their profiles and products in other locations on the Internet, print, etc. You know – self promotion… Sadly, this did not happen enough at this website.

I constructed the site to have many great features which included a quite costly dedicated server with excellent features; however, only 3 out of 73 members returned on a semi-regular basis after their initial sign-ups (and even they used Facebook and other sites more to promote and sell their work)… So, as a result, spending so much per month since the 2010 launch started to weigh very heavily on my wallet. Additionally, it made me seriously question if people actually wanted or even cared about the site that I had worked so hard to build. I did some studies coupled with quite a bit of deductive reasoning and came to the conclusion that the site, in it’s current state, was an utter and complete failure no matter how hard I worked on it.

Currently, I am re-working and relocating the core ideas from which TheXFactory.NET was born. Of course, this will also include what I have learned from the failure of this project. This will use fewer of my fiscal resources. Although, this requires a significant learning curve for me, I’m looking at offering the following before this years end;

  • More social networking features which I hope will encourage people to return and work with each other to build a more DIY community.
  • A choice for people to sell in a DIY way and/or choose a membership based way to sell which will include my programming and general support, services, and some extra site website features.
  • Donations will also be an option. Provided that people believe that I offer something of value to the community as a whole.

And so – to the few out of 73 creative members who returned – thank you so much for your time, positive energy, and support.

Best wishes.

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