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A by invite only SEMI-PUBLIC social network for Creative, Do It Yourself, and Do It Together types – and people who help support endeavors.

This is a SEMI-PUBLIC social network for Creative, Do It Yourself, and Do It Together types to create build and cultivate their own projects and ideas while inviting who ever they would like to engage with the creations. Members are encouraged to invite others with a similar mind set so as to help to build a truly productive and creative environment for all who sign up and join.

Why You’re Here…


  • you have a Creative, Do It Yourself, and/or Do It Together state of mind and enjoy staying busy mostly focusing on these things.
  • every thing you do here is based on creating, building, and/or supporting Creative, Do It Yourself, and/or Do It Together projects.
  • you engage in supporting and interacting with other peoples project spaces, posts, and comments in a positive and productive way.
  • you bring original content
  • you bring your and the support of others who create it. This can be in many form
  • you’ve been invited by a member of this site.


  • you are wanting to promote 3rd party content such as pop-culture brand products and/or other things which you have no real creative connection to. if you make you own clothes and products then, try promoting those here instead.
  • you just want to post cat videos, political rants about news and or daily B/S, etc. as this will make our site look and behave like Facebook, Redit, and/or twitter. We don’t want that here. This site is geared toward productivity, creation, and project development for you and your projects. Please produce and support productive behavior and ideas. So don’t be lazy and get to it. We believe in you here.
  • you do not understand the nature of productivity and working together.


MY SPACES(upper left below logo) are basically places to help you cultivate ideas, schedules, tasks, etc. They are designed to help you get your projects going. These are basically a combination of a page and a group. You may also help others work on projects within their own spaces with their permission of course. Feel free to search and browse the MY SPACES menu for your own and other people’s projects spaces. Spaces include the following on-line modules which are used to add production resources to each space. If a MODULE is not currently activated, all you have to do to turn it on is find the “MODULES” option under your the tools icon on the right side underneath your space’s banner;

  • Streams (all entries are searchable via the main search engine of this site)
  • Custom Pages (added to the left menu)
  • Wiki documents (allows you to work on and structure simple documents as a group)
  • Calendar
  • Gallery (for images)
  • Polls
  • Files (for sharing multimedia and production file – zip, music, video, documents etc)
  • Link List


  • A Productivity Site
  • A scheduling site
  • A task management site
  • A place for self generated art, music, and performance
  • A place for Do It Yourself and Do It Together projects


  • Facebook!!!
  • Redit
  • Twitter
  • A place for drama.


  • No hate speech. You should be too busy organizing, building stuff, and complementing people on their work to have time to do this.
  • Please do not invite people who are trouble makers.
  • if you are bored, please delete your account and leave. Twitter and Facebook are great places for drama. No need to look for that kind of excitement here because we’ve got work to do bruh.


[TangenT D. Noir]
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