#DJVersion666, The “Pre­lude” Album, #TheX­Fac­to­rycom
"Prelude" Album Release Cover - By DJversion666“I was sent an album writ­ten by one of our group mem­bers Bri Stew­art (aka: DJversion666) and giv­en the direc­tive to “test” it for flaws. Well hon­est­ly, it’s real­ly hard to test an album for flaws when you real­ize that every time you lis­ten to the album it gets bet­ter. I’ve lis­tened to this pre-release all the way through, seri­ous­ly, 20 or more times. Here are my thoughts track by track;

TRACK 01 “Push­ing Through It All”
The first song as an instru­men­tal is so very impor­tant to the enjoy­ment of this album. It opens up the part of your brain which trans­lates audio infor­ma­tion in to infor­ma­tion that you will need. It com­plete­ly gets you in the mind­set to lis­ten to what comes next; and, I love the soft piano towards the end.

TRACK 02 “What’s Inside”
In my opin­ion, this is the most “stompy” track on the album. It’s almost pre-dance indus­tri­al but it holds on to an old school elec­tron­ic indus­tri­al feel some how. Once your body gets mov­ing to this you’ll under­stand just how impor­tant all of these ele­ments are.

TRACK 03 “Hap­py”
Heavy hit­ting and grit­ty. If you like old school dance indus­tri­al, you’re prob­a­bly going to break your hip danc­ing to this track. This song seems to be designed to snap you out of your false sense of real­i­ty using sar­casm as it’s cho­sen mode of deliv­er­ing it’s message.

TRACK 04 “Good­bye World”
This song starts off like a deter­mined steam engine with a vendet­ta. It slow­ly chugs along in the night with no inten­sion of stop­ping. The effects and sounds seri­ous­ly add to this imagery for me. There’s also a slowed down pre-cho­rus and a killer coda that’s just freakin’ inspired. Great audio imagery. Gets bet­ter every time I lis­ten to it.

TRACK 05 “Where Is Your God Now”
I love the idea that this track could have very eas­i­ly become an EBM tune in the begin­ning. Despite the heavy indus­tri­al feel of this song — which is always good, I can actu­al­ly see it becom­ing pop­u­lar with the EBM heads who like heavy grit in their tunes. This is yet anoth­er one of those songs that sneaks up on you and gets bet­ter every time you lis­ten to it.

TRACK 06 “Valen­tine”
This is cur­rent­ly my favorite song on the album. This song is as close to true indus­tri­al as you’re going to get today. It’s filled with irony with­out hav­ing a sin­gle word writ­ten. It’s just freakin’ beau­ti­ful. The leads dur­ing the coda will blow your mind. It takes me back to the days of my lis­ten­ing to the bands “Yel­low” and “The Art of Noise”. You will always wish this song was longer; because, it’s that good.

TRACK 07 “Malev­o­lent Introspection”
The vocals sound very 80’s influ­enced — always a plus with me. You will love the arpeg­giat­ed bass line. If you don’t, I’m inclined to think that some­thing may be wrong with the way you live your life. Ha.. Ha..

TRACK 08 “Lessons in Chaos”
This is my sec­ond favorite song on the album. It sounds so good loud. It pounds it’s way through your chest. Very very indus­tri­al in my opin­ion; but, bor­rows from clas­sic rock to make it’s point even stronger. I so love the time fluc­tu­a­tions of a rhyth­mic melody which hap­pens through out the song. Very very bad ass. Again, this takes me back to the days of lis­ten­ing to the bands “Yel­low” and “The Art of Noise”.

TRACK 09 “Future Gods”
Prob­a­bly the most chill state­ment about real­i­ty you’ll ever here. Tells you like it is while mak­ing you feel relaxed about the fact that we as humans are impor­tant yet mean­ing­less at the same time.

TRACK 10 “Human Race to the Finish”
Once this song kicked in, it real­ly got my heart going. Great indus­tri­al met­al feel with a hint of punk with a very cool mini gui­tar solo that you’ll nev­er real­ly see com­ing each time you lis­ten to it.

TRACK 11 “Rain Behind Your Eyes”
This is my third favorite track on the album. The vocals are laced with what I call the “Bowie Factor”(all hail David Bowie). Very slow thought pro­vok­ing tem­po; and, it has an almost sin­is­ter nos­tal­gia to it.

TRACK 12 “Good­bye World [*bonus track]”
Very good remix of the orig­i­nal “Good­bye World” track. It has all of what you would expect from a dance indus­tri­al hit. This edit will set the dance floor on fire!!! I don’t know if Bri plans on adding this track as a “hid­den” track on the CD or not. If so, all I can say is that a good day will be had when pur­chasers of this CD bump in to this track.

My offi­cial sum­ma­ry is that this is “an album to bond with”. Which sim­ply means, that you’ll want to lis­ten to it from begin­ning to end when­ev­er you hear any sin­gle song from the album.”