The Musician/Conceptual Artist
TangenT D. Noir

Artist Statement

I have been labeled a creative;
and, my name is TangenT.

I’ve been hearing music since before I knew that it was called music. It took me a long time to understand that I was a “musician”. It all seemed to be a very natural process. As if driven by instinct, it has always seemed to be a normal act of purging my sole. Almost as if it were a cry out for solutions to dilemmas at present.

My work is frank and based in truth. I write the truth about all of the world’s crap and beauty; and, I believe the best way to do this is through sound. People believe in what they see whether they like it or not; but, people understand what they hear only if they choose. I tend to act upon what I believe and hear because belief has more to do with audible words, feelings, concepts, and ideas than what I see does. I believe that this process helps to stall and derail the process of contributing to the consensus of any current corrupt social construct.

I have always been driven by writing about the “fuzziness” in life. Basic instincts, relative truth, lies, internal conflicts between the sexes, and things that motivate people’s perceptions of human reality. I believe that this is the job of any “CREATIVE”. It is our obligation to reflect and give light to the present state of consciousness. We are the gate keepers of the truth even if what we see and hear is not. If “CREATIVES” do not do this, I believe that all is lost and that our humanity and civilization will end as we know it. Without this attention to truth, the world would be plagued with non stop wars. The average soles just aren’t designed to deal with such a build-up.

I have been labeled a creative;
and, my name is TangenT. [OFFICIAL HOME]