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Our mission is to help curate Creative, Do It Yourself, & Do It Together endeavors. Our goal is to help provide connectivity, promotion, and available resources for the Creative, DIY (do it yourself), and DIT (do it together) communities.

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We primarily cater to focused DIY (do it yourself), DIT (do it together), and/or Creative (musicians, artists, performers, etc) types. We offer some resources here for free, some require payment, some suggest donations in exchange for support and resource consumption, and general donations are always greatly appreciated. In the end, we’d simply like to inspire, help, and do our part in a DIY, DIT, and Creative way via whichever methods are made available to us at any given time.

TheXFactory.com :: Creative Network is based in the United States of America. We are a creative outlet for DIY (do it yourself), DIT (do it together), Creative types (musicians, artists, etc), and Small Businesses.

Each resource is designed to be used separately in order to provide you with the option NOT to opt in to services that you don’t need or want. You will also find that many of our resources DO NOT require you to login to any thing in order to use them (Open Promoiton Resources).