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Here’s a little video tour showing how our calendar page works. Background Music by DJversion666​(aka: Brian Stewart​) of course. This video is especially is recommended for promoters and other people who have their own events to promote. This video may help clear any confusion.



Welcome to our site. We help support Creative, Do It Yourself(D.I.Y.), and Do It Together(D.I.T.) types. Browse, search above, and comment at the bottom of our posts. Submit your Creative, DIY, & DIT content by;

1. posting it to our Facebook page

(content displays on our visitors shares page here. Also linked from our front page.)


2. posting it to our Facebook group

(content displays in our SEARCH ENGINE, throughout our site, and on our calendar page here)


  • We recommend doing both of these things for all types of Creative, DIY, & DIT content.
  • Generally we add one item to our site per day.
  • You may also send friend requests and messages to TangenT D. Noir(owner) for a direct contact.

This applies to the items on our front page when scrolling down(Submissions from our visitors) and within the main menus(Feeds, news, features, & calendar) of our site. Stop by our Facebook/TheXFactorycom page and share your original Creative (Music, art, performance,etc), DIY (Do It Yourself), & DIT(Do It Together) content on our timeline/wall from your Facebook page; and, your news may hit our front page below. Also Join our Facebook Group here to share your original content and your content may also be added to our FEATURES, NEWS, and CALENDAR pages.

We are currently making the transition from our former static website(LOOKS LIKE THIS) to the current dynamic site design. Check our Project Schedule / Log here for updates on our progress. While browsing the site, you’ll notice that some of the old pages from the previous site are still available. They will be until we convert those pages in to our new site format. The new completed site comes with many new benefits for us, our members, and the Internet passerby. Please hang in there; and, thanks in advance for your patience.