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2 months ago

It's been a long minute since I last posted a weekly reading but this evening, for whatever reason, while sitting here in my post-turkey blissed out state, I felt a strong pull to lay down some cards for the coming week and share them here with you. I'm not exactly sure who needs this message, but whoever you are, I hope this helps. The deck is the absolutely gorgeous Oak, Ash, and Thorn deck by Stephanie Burrows & Adam Oehlers that I received a few weeks ago.Next week will begin strong in Spirit, Passion, and Drive with both the King and X of Wands starting the week off. First, there is the King of Wands urging you to be courageous, to take the reins of the lead and act upon your ideas with gusto. Your cleverness and wit will help ensure that you are well positioned to achieve your vision, though by mid-week you'll likely find yourself feeling more than a little overwhelmed and in need of a break. It's tough being the leader or even just a mentor, but you are more than equal to the challenge so try not to second guess yourself and remember to step back and breathe as often as necessary. The VII of Swords is going to make an appearance at the end of the week so there's an indication that there could be some rivalry or maybe even a smidgen of jealousy from a co-worker. It might just be petty gossip or it could point to something bigger, but whatever it is, you would be well served by addressing any strife or misconceptions head on rather than allowing them to fester.I hope whoever needs to see this does find it. Many blessings of the Greenwood. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Silver sheen obsidian -- CLAIMED <3 ... See MoreSee Less
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I never had an African violet but have always wanted one to care for so one day whilst grocery shopping I found this funny little plant struggling to thrive and brought it home. This is what she...

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