Welcome to Branwen’s Dreams, a one woman owned and operated artisan shop where you will discover master crafted items that will delight and pamper you. It is my intention to connect people with the same authentic and traditional paths to wholeness of the Cunning folk and ancestral wisdom-keepers who came before us. To this end, I offer carefully, lovingly handcrafted herbal remedies and magical products that take herbalism and healing back to their roots in the manner of the Pharmakeute of old. While my remedies aren’t FDA approved, they’ve got the backing of hundreds of years of traditional Cunning folk knowledge. I believe this to be the bridge that will empower people to reclaim our health as well as our collective environment.

I am devoted to the practice and study of the Cunning Ways of our ancient ancestors and I welcome you to join me on this path. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

Visit the Branwen’s Dreams Shop here

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