The Humble Dandelion

Even now, my unmown lawn is covered in these beautiful little Sunshines-on-a-Stem. Most people write off this plant as just another invasive weed, but we herbalists know better. It is considered a valuable herb with many medicinal properties.  I use it in a number of my combinations to great effect.

The dandelion is most often used for its detoxification properties. It is well known as a liver and digestive cleanser, containing bitter principles that produce a tonic effect on these systems. Ever taken Swedish Bitters?

It is also a powerful yet gentle diuretic, which can rid the body of excess fluid and even help lo

Just a few humble dandelions.

Just a few humble dandelions.

wer blood pressure. Obviously this effect aids with the body’s fluid management, an issue that can sometimes crop up with diabetes.  Speaking of which:

Here is some good news for those with diabetes: Dandelion greens encourage increased digestive secretions in the stomach, which can help stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition, they can produce mild laxative effects, which can have a positive effect on weight management. They are quite delicious when tossed into a salad or even lightly sauteed with a light sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Another benefit often seen due to dandelion’s detoxification properties is an improvement in chronic skin conditions, including acne, boils and eczema. This remedy for skin health is especially useful when paired with Burdock root and Echinacea.

As you can see, this humble plant, deemed by so many as a troublesome weed, can be extremely beneficial to one’s health. So, the next time you come across a stubborn dandelion in the middle of your perfectly manicured lawn, perhaps before you pull it up, give it nod and maybe even a smile of appreciation. It really is there to help. 🙂

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