Welcome to our site. We help support Creative, Do It Yourself(D.I.Y.), and Do It Together(D.I.T.) types. This includes all kinds of featured audio, visual media, videos, and events. Once added, your content will be searchable via our main search engine and is also browseable via our Features & Network Calendar sections.

Submit your Creative, DIY, & DIT content in the following ways;

1. posting your content to our Facebook page.

2. posting your content to our Facebook group. NOTE: If you are not currently a member this private group, please send TangenT D. Noir a friend request at Facebook and he’ll add you as soon as possible.


  • We recommend doing both of these things for all types of Creative, DIY, & DIT content.
  • Generally we add at least one item to our site per day.
  • You may also send friend requests and messages to TangenT D. Noir(owner) for a direct contact.