Welcome to our site. We help support Creative, Do It Yourself(D.I.Y.), and Do It Together(D.I.T.) types. Browse, search above, and comment at the bottom of our posts. Submit your Creative, DIY, & DIT content by;

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  • We recommend doing both of these things for all types of Creative, DIY, & DIT content.
  • Generally we add one item to our site per day.
  • You may also send friend requests and messages to TangenT D. Noir(owner) for a direct contact.


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You should start by clicking in to the search bar just underneath our logo where you’ll find our latest content entires and original artwork, music, performance, Do It Yourself, and Do it Together items submitted to us via our Facebook group HERE. All submissions have been posted and shared by the original creators.

You may also submit the same types of items to be displayed on our Facebook Page Visitors Share page if you share your original Creative (Music, art, performance,etc), DIY (Do It Yourself), & DIT(Do It Together) content to our Facebook page timeline/wall HERE.

Also if you submit events to our group, they’ll show up on our Network Calendar page HERE pages. (more…)