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  Pho­to of Avail­able CDs
  Track List
  1. Anx­i­ety
  2. Mask of Wool 
  3. Mary Had
  4. False Doc­trine
  5. Appos­able Thumbs 
  6. Wast­ed
  7. Gods Decree
  8. Blind­ed
  9. Sta­t­ic
  10. Gren­dal
  11. Sick
  12. Stay
  13. So Goth

ABOUT AlpharhythM
AlpharhythM was formed by Dan Cross and Robert DeFlavi­is. Togeth­er they cre­ate what­ev­er sounds are fun to throw togeth­er. They’ve writ­ten songs togeth­er and apart, but it all goes into the com­mon pool. AlpharhythM is an ongo­ing project of ideas and experimentation.