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Official KnowShitCast / Alliance:
KnowShitCast is An Official Podcasting Ally and Hosted Member of with the hopes of expanding both the missions of and KnowShitCast.

KnowShitCast Mission:
KnowShitCast – is the brain child of creator and host Matt Frazier’s desire to provide conversation about endlessly fascinating concepts, thoughts, and ideas along with the people who have them – in a sort of curiosity and a quest for knowledge and understanding about any and everything. Along with the seemingly bottomless and some times funny knowledge of historical facts from co-host Eric D. Smith, this makes for a some times hilarious but always educational take on podcasting. Top that off by adding the “behind the scenes” curation, mentoring, and available resources provided by TangenT D. Noir of KnowShitCast’s parent site :: Creative Network and you have the perfect trifecta of podcasting infotainment.

The Future of KnowShitCast &
In depth interviews with :: Creative Network’s Creative, Do It Yourself(DIY), and Do IT Together(DIT) members. Also there are plans for future podcasting projects acquired by KnowShitCast within our webspace hosted and curated under the banner of :: Creative Network.