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Change of Publisher Mail Service @ (VERY IMPORTANT!!) [2017-01-25]

Upon final review, we will be ending access for free web mail accounts to the Publisher Mail (formerly Sponsored Mail) service on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017. Subscribers to Mail Plus Total Protection will continue to have access and will not be impacted. Free Publisher Mail users will be given the option to subscribe to Mail Plus Total Protection to continue using their email service…

re-Captcha on Compose Page Change April 2 for Stand-alone Email @ [2013-03-30]

To all valued and future email users at,

We are implementing some minor changes to help avoid possible spamming. This update will prompt users to fill in a captcha when sending emails to a large number of recipients. Please make sure to review the re-Captcha code and enter it in to ensure continued usage …

Official launch of public email @ [2010-09-18]

We are proud to announce FREE public email at This service has been private for 10 years; and, finally made public this year. Feel free to grab yourself an email account @ Hey, you can’t beat the name for an email account.