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KS-23 Susan Cote’, modern Pagan and practicing Pharmakeute talks to us about her craft – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

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I am a practicing Pharmakeute and initiate in the Ash, Birch, and Willow tradition. I hand-make each and every one of my products within a sacred space and with ritual energy, giving loving attention to detail with 100% Certified Organic/Free-Trade/ and or wildcrafted herbs from my own gardens and/or other completely reputable sources. Most of my products were created out of a personal need for something particular, and everything else is inspired by requests from friends and family. LINKS:  01   02  – DATE: 2018-03-18

KS-22 Dan Cross, Game Designer, Musician, Writer and Artist – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

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Dan Cross wrote the Eldritch RPG and is a founding member of AlpharhythM. LINKS:  01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   10   11  – DATE: 2018-03-11
I Got Nothin’ CD from AlpharhythM Gift for Donations Over $20

KS-21 Mugzy, Sydney Australian Hip Hop artist and Reverb Nation sensation joins us on the show – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

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Born on the 22nd of January 1991 Mugzy had to fight through his adolescent years. Struggling with deep internal stress, he found inspiration in Eminem after his first encounter with Hip-Hop when he heard the song ‘The Way I Am’. Mugzy felt that he could strongly relate to the lyrics in Eminem’s songs & began to change his image to be a true representative of the Hip-Hop culture. LINKS:  01   02   03   04  – DATE: 2018-03-05

KS-20 Behind the Sh!t with Matt and Eric! – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

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An inside look on the KnowSh!tCast and the official launch of our website… P.S. we cant actually put the website here because the it contains an actual spelled out “naughty” word……just change the “!” to an “i” and add .com. Otherwise, here are some links to not so naughty stuff of ours you can check out!!! LINKS:  01   02   03  – DATE: 2018-03-01

KS-19 Skip Williams, Co-Creator of D&D 3rd Edition and Author of the “Sage Advice” column – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

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Ralph Williams, almost always referred to as Skip Williams, is an American game designer. He is married to Penny Williams, who is also involved with the games industry. He is best known as co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition and as the longtime author of Dragon Magazine’s column “Sage Advice.” LINKS:  01  – DATE: 2018-02-24