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Official KnowShitCast / Alliance – KnowShitCast is An Official Podcasting Ally and Hosted Member of with the hopes of expanding both the missions of and KnowShitCast.

The Future of KnowShitCast & – In depth interviews with :: Creative Network’s Creative, Do It Yourself(DIY), and Do IT Together(DIT) members. Also there are plans for future podcasting projects acquired by KnowShitCast within our webspace hosted and curated under the banner of :: Creative Network.

KnowShitCast Mission:
KnowShitCast – is the brain child of creator and host Matt Frazier’s desire to provide conversation about endlessly fascinating concepts, thoughts, and ideas along with the people who have them – in a sort of curiosity and a quest for knowledge and understanding about any and everything. Along with the seemingly bottomless and some times funny knowledge of historical facts from co-host Eric D. Smith, this makes for a some times hilarious but always educational take on podcasting.

KS-13 Jim Ward – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

Jim Ward is a published author of multiple role playing games e.g. Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World, CCG’s e.g. Spellfire and Dragon Ball Z and author of multiple novels and gaming books including the popular Storytellers Thesaurus. We talk with Jim Ward about his early life involving games, his past vocations, time at TSR, and current and future projects. LINKS:  01   02   03   04   05   06   07  – DATE: 2018-01-13 – :: Creative Network Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

KS-12 The Intoxicating Cat Hall!!! – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

An evening conversation with professional vocalist and lyricist Cat Hall, founding member of the band Dissonance. Join us for a chronological history of Cat/Dissonance as we discuss her albums and current/future projects. LINKS:  01   02   03   04  – DATE: 2018-01-06 – :: Creative Network Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

KS-11 Game Night – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

We take a deep dive with our guest Published Author and Game Designer Richard Balsley to talk about the history of tabletop game design and the state of modern day game creation. LINKS:  01   – DATE: 2018-01-03 – :: Creative Network Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

KS-10 Comparative Metaphysics and the Occidental Taoist – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

The Occidental Taoist joins us for a discussion on Comparative Metaphysics……and other things….. LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. – DATE: 2017-12-16 – :: Creative Network Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

KS-9 Ancient Aliens and Quentin Tarantino Films – Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]

Ancient Aliens, Coral Castle, Sink Holes, a rod no bigger than your thumb and movies we don’t like. LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. – DATE: 2017-12-08 – :: Creative Network Podcast Alliance [KnowShitCast]