“Prelude” MULTIMEDIA Release [ProDuGi CD-R Gift] from DJversion666 for Donations over $35 [PuDuGi Gift Donation Drive]

 Prelude MULTIMEDIA Release [ProDuGi CD-R gift] from DJversion666 for Donations over $35 (Unlimited available / US ONLY)
Available: Unlimited MULTIMEDIA CD-Rs. CD-R contains Full “Prelude” 12 track album (MP3 format), 6 Song Remixes (MP3 format), 4 Unpublished Instrumentals Songs (MP3 format), 3 Cover songs (MP3 format), 4 Videos (MP4 format), and 156 Photos.
COMPATIBLE WITH: Linux, Windows, and MAC.

TheXFactory.com Calendar Page Tour (2017-10-15)

Here’s a little video tour showing how our calendar page works. Background Music by DJversion666​(aka: Brian Stewart​) of course. This video is especially is recommended for promoters and other people who have their own events to promote. This video may help clear any confusion. Peace. [TangenT] [T.T]

Our Tidal & Weekend Playlist Streams

We created a repeating playlist on Tidal and realized that it pays their artists for every streaming play. So we came up with the idea to constantly stream the playlist on a computer which is already on all the time. This will hopefully generate streaming plays and a little extra money for our Facebook Group Members who have bands.