TangenTNoir.com Donation Drive! [Member Donation Drive]

 TangenTNoir.com WEBSITE REVIVAL IN: March of 2017 ($200 GOAL)
TheXFactory.com is still accepting donations for the hosting of TangenTNoir.com set for some time in February of 2017. These donations will also help bring more creative support from TheXFactory.com in March of 2017.

CD-R Bundle From TangenT D. Noir Gift for Donations over $50 [Gift Donation Drive]

 CD-R Bundle from TangenT D. Noir ON-LINE Donation Drive GIFT For Donations Over $50 (3 available / US ONLY)
Available: 2 3CD-R album bundles / 1 2CD-R bundle. The first 3 donations over $50 to TheXFactory.com receive 1 of 3 avaiable album bundles from TangenT D. Noir as a GIFT!.