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#DJversion666 Site Officially Launched On October 31st, 2015
We are still accepting on-going donations to keep this and other future projects in development. is finally funded for at least one year! All thanks to the CONTRIBUTIONS made by DONORS like YOU.

Your donations will help to pay for the following support from;

  • Domain Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Visual Layout
  • Project Related Donation Drives
  • Basic Project Mentoring
  • Basic Support Team Coordination
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ABOUT DJversion666

DJversion666 is a very talented up coming post-industrial musician/band from the U.S.A. simply looking to make his home and community.

DJversion666 would love your support in the future. Continued donations to will help to secure future domain and web hosting for years to come along with :: Creative Network’s support of other Creative, Do It Yourself, & Do It Together endeavors like this one.

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